There are new tricks for the control of dead mushroom

In recent years, dead mushrooms have become a major problem in the production of Agaricus bisporus. After our research and experiment, we have summarized a set of comprehensive prevention and control measures for your reference:

1, dead mushroom reasons:

Sustained high temperature, poor ventilation, lack of nutrients, improper use of water, aging of hyphae, discomfort in acidity and alkalinity, excessive density of mushrooms and excessive parts, damage caused by diseases and insect pests, abuse of pesticides, etc. can lead to death of mushrooms.
2. Control measures:

1) Dispense the culture material. The growth and development of Agaricus bisporus, as with any organism, needs to have a sufficient nutritional basis. It is necessary to obtain high yields of mushroom cultivation and to avoid the death of mushroom buds due to malnutrition. In the preparation of culture materials, the required amount of 30-35 kg/m2 is required. , And conscientiously do a good job of composting materials and fermentation work, which is conducive to overcome the late mushrooms due to lack of nutrition and mushroom, so as to obtain high yield.
2) Use high quality strains. Select mycelium that grows strong and powerful. The nutrient medium of the strain should be sufficient, the culture room should be clean and the air should be fresh. The strain culture process should always check the temperature change, so that the mycelium grows at a suitable temperature, and the contaminated strains are eliminated in time.
3) Timely cultivation. North Central and South China is generally prepared and consolidated in August and planted in September.
4) Scientific water. Moisture management should be due to the weather, the amount of mushrooms, according to the time, sunny and more spray, less rainy days spray, more spray spray mushrooms, mushrooms less spray. Mushrooms must be watered, the water must be steady, and the tide must be heavy, and the water must be kept constant. Use scientific water to avoid spraying water.
5) Ventilation. The normal growth and development of mushrooms must absorb oxygen and emit carbon dioxide. High concentration of carbon dioxide is harmful to the development of fruit bodies. The long-term ventilation of the mushroom sheds is poor, and the concentration of carbon dioxide is too large and the oxygen is insufficient. This has an adverse effect on the growth and development of the mushrooms. Therefore, ventilation and ventilation must be observed during cultivation.
6) Pest control. In cultivation, the principle of “prevention is the main method, and medicine is supplemented”. Thoroughly remove pathogens and insect sources, prevent pests and diseases from entering the mushroom bed with culture materials; use post-fermentation to kill pests and diseases of culture materials; timely remove mushroom dead mushrooms after disease and insect pests occur, and use drugs to prevent and spread the disease. (This article is provided by Han Chaozheng, Institute of Edible Fungi, Binhai County, Jiangsu Province; 0515---4103012 13851113822)

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