Hot summer solstice diet regimen

It was only during the summer solstice that it really entered the hot season, as people often say, "but the summer solstice is not hot." After the summer solstice, because the sun radiates heat to the ground, it still radiates much more than it faces the air. Therefore, during this period, the temperature continues to rise, and on the third day after the summer solstice, it enters the sky. Volt also known as the volt, is the hottest day of the year, it is divided into three phases, namely, the first volt, two volts and the last volt.

In the TCM health theory, the summer solstice is the most prosperous period of yang. In this season's health care, on the one hand, it is necessary to comply with the characteristics of Yang Shengyu in the summer and protect the yang; on the other hand, the summer solstice is the so-called “Yin and Yang battle for death”. In the season, the saying goes, "The summer solstice-yin yang" means that although the weather is hot, yin-qi has begun to grow.

In hot summer days, you should adjust your breathing so that your mind is quiet. If you can imagine that there is snow and ice in your heart, you will not feel that the weather is extremely hot. In other words, we should not be disturbed by the heat and disturb the mood. In that case, the body will feel more hot.

At this time, in order to respond to the changes in the yin and yang of the natural world, it is generally advisable to go to bed early and get up early, and use lunch break to make up for the lack of sleep at night. Elderly and infirm should sleep early and get up early, try to keep 7 hours of sleep every day. In the summer solstice, most people have symptoms of tiredness and fatigue and headaches and dizziness. Severe people may affect daily life and work. The reason is that the first reason is that because of the high temperature in this season, the human body can only dissipate heat through perspiration, which causes a large loss of water in the human body. At this time, if the water is not added in time, the blood volume of the human body will decrease, and the brain will thus Insufficient blood supply leads to headaches and dizziness. Another cause of headache dizziness is that when the body sweats, the body surface blood vessels will expand, and more blood will flow to the body surface. This redistribution of blood can make people with lower blood pressure lower blood pressure, resulting in headache dizziness .

During the summer solstice, the weather is hot, and people's digestive function is relatively weak. Therefore, the diet should be light and should not be fat and sweet, should eat more grains to cold their body, not overheated food, so as not to help heat; cold fruits and melons can be stopped, Do not eat too much, so as not to damage the spleen and stomach; thick flavor of the product should not be less, so as not to heat the wind, stimulate acne disease.

Summer is a season of sweating. If you sweat a lot, you will lose more salt. If your heart loses salt, your heart beat will be abnormal. Chinese medicine believes that at this time should eat more sour, to solid table, eat more salt to make up the heart. Cold food should not eat, at least, but also greedy, many will be cold and hurt the spleen and stomach, it is vomiting and diarrhea. Watermelon, mung bean soup, ebony bean soup, although the best place to quench their thirst, but not iced food.

Sports training is one of the indispensable factors in health care. The best choice for summer sports is when the weather is cool in the early morning or early evening. The venue should be in a place where the river, the lake, the garden, and other air are fresh. It should not be done excessively violent activities. If the exercise is excessive, it can lead to sweating and sweat. Too much is not only damaging yin, but also detrimental to yang.

In the process of exercise, when sweating excessively, you may properly drink light salt water or mung bean salt water soup, must not drink large quantities of cold water, and do not immediately use cold water to punch or shower, otherwise it will cause cold dampness, yellow sweat, etc. Many diseases.

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