First aid method of feed poisoning in pig raising process

1. The main symptoms of mildew feed poisoning are corneal opacity, diarrhea, neurological disorders, and fainting death. After salt poisoning, pigs may be given poison and pigs are given intravenous injection of 40% atropine, 25% brain water subcutaneously, and intravenous glucose saline.

2. Salt-poisoning emergency feeding to pigs with excessive soy sauce residue, salted fish meal, pickles, or salted meat, and sudden addition of large amounts of salt in the feed, etc., can cause pig salt poisoning. The body temperature of pig poisoning is normal, lack of energy, unwilling to eat, extreme thirst, foaming mouth, abdominal pain, constipation or diarrhea, sometimes fecal blood. After finding salt poisoning in pigs, feed containing too much salt should be immediately stopped, put the tip of the pig's ear, tail tip blood, and intravenously inject magnesium sulfate and glucose into the sick pig (0.1 g drug in 1 kg body weight), 6 hours injection Once, you can recover 3 times in a row.

3, distillery poisoning of emergency pigs acute nervus poisoning showed anxiety, excitement bark, mucosal flushing, walking squatting, abdominal pain diarrhea; chronic intoxication when indigestion, jaundice, dermatitis, hematuria and other symptoms. Immediately after swine poisoning, 10% to 20% sodium sulphate should be injected with 5-10 ml, and 500 ml of glucose physiological saline should be injected intravenously. Internally, 5% soda solution should be administered 1000-2000 ml.

4, nitrite poisoning emergency First, many leafy vegetables, such as cabbage, beets, spinach, cabbage, radish leaves, kaffir, and some wild vegetables contain more nitrate. When these feeds are stored for a long time, or they are boiled at 40-60C for a long time, nitrates can be converted into nitrite, and the pigs poison after eating. After the poisoning, the pigs were arrogant and restless, with rapid heartbeat, difficulty in breathing, vomiting drooling, cold extremities and ears, trembling and convulsions in the body, decreased body temperature, severe fall in the ground, foaming in the mouth, and coma and suffocation. When poisoning occurs, the ear tip and tail tip of the diseased pig should be placed as soon as possible. Immediately intravenously or intramuscularly, 1% methylene blue solution (1 ml per 1 kg body weight) or toluidine blue solution (5 ml per 1 kg body weight) should be injected. Oral or injection of large doses of vitamin C, and intravenous glucose solution. When the heart is weak, camphor caffeine can be injected. In order to prevent this disease from happening, fresh green fodder should be fed.

5, first aid in hydrocyanic acid poisoning fresh sorghum seedlings and corn seedlings, linen leaves and linen cake, pumpkin vines, cassava, almonds and other cyanogenic glycosides are more likely to cause hydrocyanic acid poisoning after eating pigs. After the poisoning of the pig, the temperature dropped, the pupils enlarged, and the body twitched. During the treatment, the sick pigs can be injected intravenously with 20% sodium nitrite (10 ml) and then intravenously with 20% sodium sulfate (30 ml).

6. The first-aid pigs poisoned by rapeseed cake poisoning will eat poisoned rapeseed cakes that have not been detoxified. The main symptoms are frequent urination, coughing, difficulty breathing, abdominal pain, diarrhea, loose stools with blood, and severe cases of heart failure. After the poisoning was found, the pigs could be gastric lavaged with 0.5%-1% citric acid. The pigs could also be given egg whites, soy milk, or injection of 10% sodium sulphate and 5-10 ml, and cardiac diuresis.

7. First-aid gossypol poisoning First aid Fresh cotton leaves and cottonseed cake contain gossypol toxin, and the pigs must be treated with high temperature (boiled for 1 hour), and the amount fed should not exceed 15% of the concentrate, otherwise chronic poisoning may occur. Poisoning, bow bowing, trembling, yellowing of the mucous membranes, shortness of breath, increased body temperature, molars, loss of appetite, increased drinking water, blood in the urine, poisoning of pigs with 5% sodium bicarbonate water Stomach or enema, and oral administration of sodium sulfate or magnesium sulfate 25-50 grams, intravenous 50% glucose 50 ml.

8. The first-aid potato poisoning emergency buds, fresh stems and buds contain more solanine, especially when the potato peel becomes green, when the potato sprouts, solanine content will be significantly improved when When the content reaches more than 0.02%, pig poisoning can be caused. After the poisoning of pigs, loss of appetite, diarrhea of ​​enteritis, numbness of limbs, convulsions of the body, and severe death occurred after 2-3 days. To treat poisoned pigs, 20 grams of honeysuckle and 30 grams of alum and licorice decoction can be used. When warm, 30 grams of honey is added.

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