Chongqing seized 1.8 tons of water-fed beef, how ordinary people should identify

On the evening of May 4, the Law Enforcement Bureau of the Chongqing Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce and the public security department divided into 3 roads and carried out law enforcement inspections on 10 slaughterhouses in northern Fujian, South Bank and Banan. An illegally processed water-filled beef den was seized in the No. 8 community of Xinwu Village, Huaxi Street, Banan District. On May 5th, the China Light Industry Council’s food quality supervision and inspection station in Chongqing confirmed that the beef slaughtered in this den was all water-fed beef.

How does a water-filled beef recognize that the muscles of healthy beef are generally glossy, dark red, uniform in color, white in color or pale yellow in color, slightly dry in appearance, and slightly moist in a new section; the depression after acupressure can be restored; it has the normal smell of fresh beef; Hand touch elasticity, oily stickiness. The water-fed beef's muscle section is moist and has a strong luster. The muscle fibers are swollen and the flesh is light red. The finger is pressed, the meat is soft, the elasticity is small, and the marks are easy to leave. When pressed hard, the pink can seep out from the incision. The colored liquid is not sticky when touched by hand. For example, a small piece of toilet paper is attached to the cut surface of each organ or muscle tissue. The water-filled meat has a small degree of adhesiveness to the paper, and the paper absorbs water faster, whereas the normal beef is the opposite. If the water injection meat is placed in a container, bloody water will soon appear in the container.

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