What are the reasons for the failure of laying brooders?

[Causes of high mortality rate in the first week] (1) Bacterial infections: Mostly caused by faults in the vertical management of the breeding chickens or in the health management of the breeding eggs and in the incubation process. (2) Environmental factors: The chicks in the first week had low adaptability to the environment. Chickens were caught at low temperatures and some chicks were suffocated and died of suffocation. During a certain period of time, temperature control mistakes and chicks were infected with diarrhea. death. To reduce the mortality rate at the early stage of brooding: First, we must start from the better-managed breeder chickens; second, we must control the brooding environment; third, we must use the odd and special drinking water during the brooding period, or new fertilizer or poultry speed. It is expected to prevent some common bacterial diseases. Reasons for the weight falling behind the standard: (1) Feed nutrient level is too low. (2) inappropriate environmental management, brood temperature is too high or too low will affect the intake, the temperature is slightly lower, the chick's appetite is good, feed intake. Shepherd's temperature is too low and feed intake is reduced, which will affect weight gain. (3) The density of chickens is too high. Affect the growth rate.

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