How to prolong peach fruit in dry land

First, pay attention to water conservation: a dry peach fruit is a major cause of short fruit shortage is drought. Therefore, it is necessary to put water retention and replenishment in an important position. First, before the construction of the garden, the garden area must be well-grounded, and horizontal terraces can be built according to local conditions. Excavation of fish scale pits above the fruit trees will help preserve the water; the second is to apply straw or plastic film to reduce moisture. Evaporation; Third, water-saving irrigation, drip irrigation, infiltration irrigation or fertilizer irrigation can be vigorously promoted; Fourth, in the drought, irrigation must be pulled to save lives.

Second, do a reasonable fertilization: peach trees do not enter the full fruit period after the application of nitrogen fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer too much, easy to grow long-term tree trend closed, poor ventilation and light transmission, unfavorable high-quality and high yield. At the same time easy to form Wangshu puffiness, poor disease resistance. Therefore, organic fertilizer and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers should be applied to fertilization. Organic manure can improve the structure of soil pellets and regulate water and gas heat. Applying more phosphorus and potassium fertilizers can increase the resistance of the tree to disease. At the same time, phosphorus application can promote root growth, root water transfer, and improve drought resistance. To achieve reasonable fertilization, it is necessary to carry out soil testing formulations to produce fertilizer, it is necessary to pay attention to the application of iron, zinc, boron, calcium, magnesium and other trace elements.

Third, the implementation of a reasonable fruiting: To extend the peach fruit period, you must thin flowers and vegetables. In order to produce more high-quality commercial fruits, the output per acre during the full fruit period should be controlled at 2000-2,500 kg. If the yield is too high, it will affect the quality of the peach; second, it will form a large and small year; and third, it will accelerate the premature aging of the tree.

Fourth, master pruning skills: peach trees into the full fruit period, pruning should pay attention to: First, the use of happy tree, tree vigor is too busy, should take summer pruning, cut off too dense branches, twist and get Wang branches, to prevent airtight Light, the formation of flower buds; the second is the timely rejuvenation update.

V. Comprehensive control of pests and diseases: Pruning in winter, burning pests and branches, playing a 5 degree Baume degree lime sulfur, whitening the trunk, preventing pests and diseases in spring and summer, and making the trees grow robustly.

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