Grapes in summer must be well protected against disease

In summer, there is more rainfall, and grapes are susceptible to disease on a large area. Therefore, for grape growers, special attention should be paid to disease prevention in the summer, especially the prevention of blackpox, white rot, anthrax, and downy mildew. First, to prevent the main, timely spraying. For drugs with a residual period of 17 to 21 days, they are usually sprayed every 15 days. If the rainfall in the middle, depending on the amount of rain, as appropriate, shorten the next spraying days. If heavy rain falls after spraying, it will be sprayed again after sunny weather. If the adjacent two drugs are alkaline or acidic, they must pay strict attention to the interval to prevent the two drugs acid and alkali neutralization. Second, see the disease early, timely treatment. Grapes are most susceptible to disease when there is heavy rain, high temperature and humidity. For this reason, it is necessary to observe the vineyard once a day. See the disease at the beginning of the symptomatic spraying. For the control of downy mildew can be used 70% of Kepo 600 times, 80% of the 300 times of aluminum alphophages or 1:0.7:180 times Bordeaux mixture. Third, mainly Bordeaux fluid, adapted to other drugs. In the process of grape disease prevention, Bordeaux fluid is the main method, and other drugs are suitable for the prevention of disease. Spray 1:0.5:240 times before flowering, 1:0.7:220 times after flowering, and 1:0.7:200 times when grape swells. Grapes are harvested. Spray 1:1880 times, spray 1 or 2 times in 1:1:160 times in autumn. If white rot, anthrax and other diseases occur in the middle, they can be sprayed symptomatically. However, the medicines used to prevent and treat these diseases are mostly acidic. When spraying products, they must be used in small areas and then used in large areas. 5. Releasing soil in time will increase soil permeability. In the rainy season, especially after heavy rains and heavy rains, the vineyard will be ground surface and the soil will be poorly ventilated, which will result in the lack of oxygen in the root system of the grape, weakened tree vigor and reduced resistance, making it susceptible to disease. Therefore, the soil should be culled before the rainy season. In the rainy season, we should seize the gap time without rain and cultivate the vineyard to increase the permeability of the soil. Sixth, clear the auxiliary tip to facilitate ventilation. In the rainy season, the grapes are most prone to longevity and the incidence of shoots is very high. It is necessary to timely pick up the grapes and erase the shoots in time. At the same time, we must eliminate some of the excess shoots. 7. Clean the garden in a timely manner to curb the spread of the disease. The environment with high temperature and humidity is conducive to the spread of germs. Therefore, it is necessary to clear the garden at any time and remove the diseased diseased leaves, diseased branches and diseased fruits from the garden, and bury or burn them. At the same time, weeds are cleared in time.

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