How to prevent Bordeaux fluid from causing harm

First, to select the preparation of raw materials

When preparing Bordeaux mixture, high-quality, pure, white, light-weight lump lime should be used. The copper sulfate should be blue crystal, and the yellow or green powder should not be used.

Second, strictly follow the preparation process

When dispensing, the copper sulfate is first opened in a non-metallic container with an appropriate amount of warm water, then filtered, and 90% of the total amount of water is added, and then the residue is filtered out. The filtered lime solution is poured into the cement pool, and then the copper sulfate solution is slowly poured into the lime solution, and the mixture is poured while stirring, and the mixture is stirred for 2-3 minutes after pouring. The lime solution must not be poured into the copper sulfate solution. Otherwise, the prepared chemical liquid sedimentation block is prone to phytotoxicity. In addition, the drug solution should be used immediately after it is properly formulated, and it should not be put for a long time.

Third, pay attention to the spraying period

Bordeaux fluid is a protective fungicide, should be applied before the onset of fruit trees, stop the application 15-20 days before harvest, so as not to contaminate the fruit surface. Fruit trees such as peach, plum and apricot, which are particularly sensitive to copper, cannot be used during the growing season. The Bordeaux mixture should not be applied within 1 month after the apple is dropped and when the fruit is near mature, to prevent rust or pigmentation on the fruit surface. When spraying fungicides at this stage, carbendazim, thiophanate-methyl, etc. may be used.

Fourth, different fruit trees should use different ratios

Different kinds of fruit trees have different degrees of sensitivity to Bordeaux mixture, and different proportions should be selected according to their sensitivity. For copper-sensitive fruit trees, lime multiples or multiples can be used. For lime trees that are less sensitive to lime or copper, lime equivalents can be used. For lime-sensitive grapes with strong copper tolerance, half-size lime can be used.

Fifth, a reasonable mix

Bordeaux mixture can not be mixed with soap liquid, rosin mixture, lime sulfur, mineral oil emulsion, bacteriocin etc. Bordeaux mixture with organic phosphorus pesticides should be used with caution, can be mixed with the use. The orchard sprayed with lime sulfur must be sprayed with Bordeaux for 10 days. Orchard sprayed with Bordeaux must be sprayed with lime for 20-30 days.

Six, pay attention to weather changes

Bordeaux liquid should not be sprayed when the dampness and dew are not dry, otherwise it will cause the copper ions to infiltrate into the plant and cause severe phytotoxicity. Therefore, the Bordeaux mixture should be sprayed with clear and dew-free water. In the rainy season, it is necessary to avoid stormy weather as much as possible. At the same time, it is necessary to increase the amount of lime when dispensing medicine.

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