Last year, the cause of shrimp disease is still unknown. This year's disease situation is even more severe.

The research on shrimp disease was more difficult than expected. Members of the National Shrimp Industry System apologized for the lack of breakthrough in scientific research. “Here, I must first apologize.” April 9, National Shrimp Industry System Member, Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences Huang Pei, a researcher at the 3rd China shrimp industry development forum, said that the shrimp industry system has started to follow up since the outbreak of shrimp disease, but unfortunately, no exact cause has been found so far. "After taking a lot of research funding after all, the results are not yet accurate and have not been convinced."

In the main producing areas of shrimp, the haze of the disease last year has not yet been dispersed, and the disease this year has already arrived earlier. “After the Spring Festival, the row of shrimp ponds is very powerful.” Wang Xiuxin, manager of the Jiangmen Dayi Liyang Aquatic pharmacy, told the reporter of the Southern Rural Daily that the disease is high in April and May every year, but this year it was particularly early. According to the reporters from the Southern Rural Daily News, it is known that the phenomenon of dumping that took place only in the western Guangdong province last year has now spread to the Pearl River Delta region. If the cause of the disease is unknown, there is no way to prevent it. This year, whether the shrimp farming will fall back to last year will become a question that hangs in the hearts of the farmers.

Huang Hao introduced that at the beginning of last year, the national shrimp industry technical system went to Guangxi Beihai for disease sampling. However, no results have been studied so far. Prior to this, researchers from the South Sea Institute of Oceanography of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of Applied Marine Biology, Chao Chaoqun, used advanced equipment and techniques to test that the outbreak of the “empty empty stomach and empty stomach” pathogen was an extremely drug-resistant pathogen last year. The conclusion of Vibrio parahaemolyticus. "Microbiology identified two bacteria, Vibrio parahaemolyticus. The drug resistance showed a wide range, but it cannot be proved that this is the bacteria. The general view is that Vibrio is unlikely to cause such a wide range of diseases, it should be caused by different pathogens, there is currently no The evidence proves that there is only one pathogen." Huang Wei did not agree with Hu Chaoqun's conclusion.

It is understood that since April of last year, the four functional laboratories of the National Shrimp Industry System Center and 17 experimental stations in coastal provinces across the country have collected a large number of shrimp disease outbreaks (Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, and North). Samples, carried out a series of pathogens, etiology analysis work, concluded that the disease is not caused by known pathogens, is likely to be infected by the virus, there may be new viruses, was expected to draw firm conclusions at the end of last year. Obviously, the complexity of the disease exceeds the expectations of researchers.

He Jianguo, chief scientist of the National Shrimp Industry System, said that no known virus has been found in the results so far. However, the study found that the disease caused death faster than even white spot disease. There are many pathogens detected, such as sporeworm disease (cannot be investigated one by one, only speculation). In terms of bacterial detection, laboratory toxicity is not as strong as in ponds. According to He Jianguo analysis, sporozoites are rare in culture ponds and are unlikely to be. Variant bacteria, currently approved for use as drugs, have not been found to cause variant bacteria. None of the viral infections causes massive deaths. “Together, it is not directly related to the environment. This environment also includes something invested in the aquaculture process. Is it related to the resistance of shrimp? It is necessary for the seedlings to adapt to local problems and whether they have viruses. For further study." He Jianguo said.

There is no breakthrough in the etiology study, but the development and spread of the disease is in vain. “As far as I personally observe, this year's situation is still more serious than last year. There are more farmers in row of ponds than last year, and the onset area has also begun to expand.” Wang Xiuxin said that the onset region was mainly concentrated in western Guangdong, but from the current situation, the beads Many parts of the triangle are now beginning to have trouble. "Overall, Datong's discharge rate last year was not high," but this year is really serious. ”

"Whatever caused the cause, no one can tell." According to Wang, the symptoms are all more than 10 days after the seedlings are hatched. Shortly after the release of the seedlings, shrimp seedlings were found swimming on the surface of the water and in the pond. Some of the hepatic pancreas developed redness, atrophy, muscle turbidity, and death. According to many reporters from the Southern Rural Daily reporter, in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan and other places, shrimp ponds with earlier seedlings have recently become epidemics, and the amount of ponds is also in the minority. Many second-stage seedlings farms in western Guangdong also have morbidity, and there are secondary seedlings farms. In the first two days of the roughage, the shrimps were very good in terms of feeding conditions and vitality, but on the third day, there were individual shrimps roaming. Deaths are getting higher and higher, so there are also people who suspect that it is the mother shrimps that carry the virus.

“Most farmers currently do not believe in advanced farming concepts and are accustomed to gambling culture.” Dr. Liu of Haida Group believes that if the traditional way of pursuing high-density, high-pollution farming is not changed, the future diseases will only be It will be more and more powerful. Huang Yaocai, vice president of Chia Tai Aquatics, very much agrees with this view. “I would like to remind farmers not to be too aggressive. Peasants have a strong gambling mentality. He forgot that the accumulation of failure will lead to a big environmental change. Raise well, manage. It's right to continue."

Does the industry say that rare shrimp disease will come back?

Green Xiaobai Fishery Store pharmacy manager Tang Xiao: If the farming model does not change, this disease will not only happen again this year, but it will exist for a long time. Now the farmers pay too much attention to fertilizer and water. In fact, the growth of shrimp mainly depends on feed, and it is not much related to water and fertilizer.

The farmer of Pinggang Farm in Guangdong Province, Zhong Shixiang: Although we are now very good in terms of seedlings, we are also very worried about the diseases that occurred last year. In the end the disease will not come back, I dare not say. I suggest using biological control measures. Thanks to the promotion in recent years, nearly two-thirds of households in Yangjiang have adopted polyculture and achieved good results.

Three sisters shrimp farm head Feng Tingyu: As far as the current situation is concerned, I personally feel that a similar disease in the past year is likely to occur. There is a consensus in the industry that the incidence of shrimp seedlings in the range of 10 to 20 days is basically considered to be the cause of shrimp seedlings. However, I personally feel that disease is a comprehensive process. Apart from shrimp, water quality, climate, and water environment are all potential causes of disease.

Li Yang Fishery Store Daxie Store Manager Wang Xiuxin: I don't think it is necessary to worry about it. Farmers should choose drainage or treatment according to the actual situation. Like some acute illnesses, it is better to quickly die. It's better to rush out of the pond, and you don't need to panic about the few diseases that have died.

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