The breeding prospects of gossip chicken

Bagua chicken is a new breed of special poultry that has been artificially purified and developed in China. It was originally an ornamental animal in the zoo and has a high food value. Its feeding requirements are not high, the disease resistance is very strong, easy to raise, and has the advantages of strong adaptability, high feed conversion rate, strong fertility, rapid growth, wide adaptability, resistance to roughage, etc., and is suitable for promoting farming throughout the country. . And the gossip chicken meat has a game, delicious taste, rich nutrition, contains high inorganic salts, trace elements and rich in vitamins, and fat and cholesterol content is very low, is a rare game health food, the domestic market It is very broad. Therefore, the breeding of gossip chicken is bound to develop rapidly in our country and play a role in promoting the economic growth of the majority of urban and rural areas.

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