Thick litter for broiler raising

The advantages of broiler thick litter raising methods are simplicity, low equipment investment, low incidence of breast cysts, and low defective products. The disadvantage is that coccidiosis is more difficult to control, and medicines and feeds cost more. First, the thickness of bedding 10 to 15 cm. Second, the quality of litter is soft and dry, strong water absorption, no mildew, no pollution, less than 10 cm in length is better. The commonly used litter includes cropped corn stalks, shredded corn cobs, small shavings, sawdust, rice straw, wheat straw, dry sand, and the like. Third, litter management requirements flat, uniform thickness. Shake the litter frequently so that chicken droppings fall under the litter. The moist litter around the sink (drinker) and trough (barrel) should be replaced promptly. Late feeding should be preceded by a layer of litter on top of the litter. Broilers lay on litter most of the time. The quality of litter is important for the growth of broilers and the development of the chest and legs. Pad moistened knots are most likely to cause breast cysts and reduce the commercial grade of broilers. In recent years, some chicken farms continue to use old litter to feed broilers. This will save on litter expenses, but it will also save labour and time for changing litter, shorten the turnaround time and reduce production costs. However, it should be noted that if the previous batch of chickens had a disease or poor growth performance, the litter was wet and the compaction should not be used continuously. When raising chickens with old litter, new litter can be added according to the situation to maintain sufficient thickness and quality of litter, and the individual places where the knots are moist should be replaced.

1.Frame :high quality section steel welding,The surface electrostatic spray, durable, beautiful and generous.

2.Bed panel is made of molding cold rolled steel, surface electrostatic spray, corrosion resistant, easy to clean.

3.Head & foot board:use ABS high quality engineering plastics and stainless steel pipe, lined with fireproof board, beautiful appearance, soft color . easy to removed.

4.Caster:use Taiwan Shi Ke Rui control wheel,No noise, Convenient mobile, four wheel synchronous braking system, lock solid.

5.Guardrail: ABS lift rail

6.Motor : Taiwan LINKAN motor

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