The drawbacks of beehive cover plastic film

The use of plastic film cover beehives, mostly used to cover overwintering beehives, is seen in practice, with proper application, with obvious advantages such as anti-snow, rain, moisture, warm and cold. If used improperly, there will be serious drawbacks. In the method of use, it must be covered only at night or on rainy days throughout the winter period until the early spring and early spring. When it is clear during the daytime, it cannot be covered. If the sun shines directly on the membrane, the sun's heat penetrates the membrane and enters the beehive, which is detrimental to the colony. First, the drawbacks of the cover film 1. Cover film to stimulate the winter bee fly: small and medium-sized apiary, many amateur bees, bee colonies in winter in the small yard of the farm, the temperature of the courtyard microclimate is generally 2 °C ~ 3 °C outside the hospital The beehive covered the plastic film again in sunny days. According to the measurement (from 11 am to 15 o'clock on sunny days), the temperature under the membrane was 5°C~20°C higher than that in the hospital. Sometimes it was even higher. The internal temperature of the bees in the box is bound to be higher, and the overwintering bees will be dissipated, which will stimulate more bees to fly outside. It will be difficult to take off in the severe winter season. The result is frosty death. Because the area is large, it can be seen every day. Although the number of dead bees is not large, but due to a long duration, accumulated more than 150 days (in the entire wintering period in the lower reaches of the Yellow River), it will make strong groups become weak. 2. The cover film misleads the queen bee: making the queen bewildered by spring, prematurely expanding eggs to enlarge the child's lap, making the nursing bees overloaded with labor, exceeding the bee colony's heat preservation and nurturing ability, blindly expanding the sub-circle, changing the spring weather, cold wave one As a result, the nurturing bees are unable to protect all the sub-circles, but only the center is allowed to discard the outer ring. As a result, the old bees are exhausted, the feed is consumed, and the eggs are partially abandoned. 3. Overwintering consumes more feed: During the wintering period, the temperature of the colony is generally maintained between 20°C and 28°C. The queen bee is in the center of the group. The whole bee cluster is tightened, the surface cooling area is reduced, and the worker bees are in a stable hibernation state. The basal metabolism of calories can satisfy the needs of the bees. Under normal circumstances, bee colonies seldom consume honey. If the box is covered with a plastic film during the daytime, the heat of the daytime sunlight passes through the film to make the temperature of the beehive high, the film is not insulated only by the wind, the temperature is lowered at night, the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the metabolic intensity of the bees is large during the daytime when the temperature is high, and the night temperature When heat is produced at low temperatures, overwintering bees need to consume more physical energy, plus more airborne air and more feed. II. Consequences and Countermeasures The bee colonies are springing up and down: Often the spring crowds do not make groups, and if they don't see the bees, the colonies will only decrease or increase for a long time, or they will grow very slowly. The biggest source of honey in the late spring and early summer - the thorny honey, is often a long-sighing sigh, no crops, or very little harvest. The early big honey source only served as a bee. Young larvae are unhealthy, susceptible to disease, and are often one of the root causes of spring bee crawling. Countermeasures: Remove the plastic film every morning and cover it with a rainy weather.

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