Traditional sweet potato feeding pigs as improvement

Sweet potato is a good feed with rich nutrition and high energy. Usually farmers' friends use sweet potatoes to feed pigs, there are two traditional methods: First, simply cooked, this feeding method pigs tired of eating refused to eat, often left the food out of the groove out of the tank, resulting in feed wastage; the second is direct Hello, this feeding method is dangerous. One is sweet potato and black spot fungus poisoning, it is easy to damage the pig's gastrointestinal mucosa; Second, sweet potato contains more starch, raw feed affects the digestive body of the pig, from then on, appetite decreases, growth is slow, weight is caused by the disease, there is paroxysmal spasm , limbs stretched and disorderly and died. Practice shows that these two methods are not scientific and should be improved.

One, because of pig feeding

Piglets have poor digestion and should not be fed sweet potatoes. Generally more than 15 kg of pigs can be fed.

Second, the recipe cooked

Wash the sweet potatoes, cut out the rest with black spot disease, cut into small pieces, and chop a small amount of chopped radish, vegetable petiole or dried ragweed, add a small amount of rice bran, stir and feed after cooking. This palatability is good, the pig loves to eat, nutrition is comprehensive, and the radish also has the function of digestion and diuresis.

Third, feeding science, feeding the appropriate amount

Every day, feed the concentrate and feed the sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes should be cooked and cooled to about 40 °C. According to the size of the pig, 2-4 kg of sweet potatoes per head are fed daily. Especially in winter and early spring, the temperature is low and the time is long at night. In this way, pigs are hungry, they can increase their body temperature, and they can improve their ability to resist cold, so that pigs can sleep well and grow quickly.

Fourth, slice reserve

During the harvest season, sweet potatoes can be digged and cleaned on sunny days, dried and sliced, and crushed and used in the winter and spring seasons for lack of materials to adjust shortages, alleviate the shortage of green and green feed in the winter and spring, and increase the economic benefits of raising pigs.

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