Cattle feed urea

Feeding urea to cattle, urea can be digested by microorganisms in the rumen of the cow to synthesize bacterial protein, instead of part of the protein feed, so urea is a high-quality protein supplement feed for cattle. However, urea is not a protein after all, and its utilization efficiency is affected by many conditions. Generally speaking, feeding urea to cattle depends on the conditions of the forage grass. Winter and spring seasons, such as wheat straw, dry corn stalks, and hay, can be supplemented with urea. Summer and autumn seasons dominated by green and green fodder are unfavorable. Hey.

Tests have shown that when the crude protein content in feed is below 11%, the utilization rate of urea in the rumen is about 70%, and the effect of weight gain on cattle is obvious. With the increase of the crude protein content in feed, the weight gain of cattle fed with urea is increased. The effect is not good. When the content of crude protein in feed exceeds 12%, feeding urea not only does not achieve the effect of gaining weight, but it will affect the weight gain or significantly reduce weight.

In summer and autumn, a variety of wild herbs, weeds, and grasses are abundant. The cattle often use green feed. The green feed contains all nutrients, especially crude protein, which is usually 12% to 20%, and crude protein digestion and utilization. It is also very high, generally more than 70%. At the same time, the crude protein is of good quality, contains all the essential amino acids, and has high nutritional value. Therefore, it is not necessary to add urea to cattle when feeding green food such as wild herbs, weeds, and pastures.

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