Etiology of edema disease in weaned piglets and prevention and treatment methods

Porcine edema disease A toxemia caused by hemolytic E. coli to a rapidly growing, strong weaned piglet. The disease mainly affects weaned piglets, while finishing pigs and piglets younger than 10 days are rare. Although the incidence is not very high, the mortality rate is extremely high. Especially piglets that are robust and grow fast are extremely common. Sources of infection are infected sows and infected piglets, and the main route of infection is via fecal bacillus and infection with the digestive tract. The occurrence of the disease is related to feed changes, climate changes, and the lack of feed and minerals.

First, the clinical symptoms: sick pigs are depressed, loss of appetite or waste, at the beginning of constipation, there is a clear degree of diarrhea. The pigs walked weak, ataxia, gait swings, and normal body temperature. Serious can not stand, his back is paralyzed. Visible edema of the face, eyes, conjunctival gums. There are also no changes in edema, the short course of only a few hours, usually 1-2 days, long up to 7 days, but the mortality rate can be as high as 90%.

Second, the change of necropsy: Gastric wall edema, we can see that there is a layer of ice-like edema between the gastric sputum spray gate and the stomach bottom and esophagus, mucosal layer and muscular layer. Mesorectal jelly-like edema. Mesenteric jelly-like edema, mesenteric lymphadenopathy, hemorrhage, small bowel visceral and abdominal bleeding. There are more effusions in the ECG and the chest and abdomen. Pulmonary edema occurs, and some alveolar emphysema is white and the gallbladder is swollen.

Third, the diagnosis: According to the clinical symptoms and changes in necropsy can be diagnosed as swollen edema disease.

Fourth, treatment:

1, intramuscular injection of 1-3 ml of edema, twice a day.

2, intravenous injection of the following drugs: 5% GS200mL, injection Vc15m1 * 2 branches, gentamicin 160,000 units, 25% mannitol 100mL.

3, can be added in the feed for every 50 kg feed olaquindox 5g ratio, mixed feeding.

4, can also be tried to irrigate the following drugs: Agrimony 15 grams, Alisma 15 grams, Atractylodes 30 grams, Poria 25 grams, Plantago 15 grams, 15 grams of surgery, Shouwu 30 grams, Angelica 15 grams Licorice 15 grams.

V. Prevention

1. Piglets can be injected intramuscularly with edema 3 days and 21 days after birth, which can effectively prevent edema disease.

2. Regular disinfection of piglet pens, utensils, forages and pigs should be carried out with disinfection.

3, feed change gradually.

4, usually in the feed can be added to the amount of sodium selenite powder.

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