Straw returning technology (3)

Third, the straw directly to the field of technical points and requirements 1, technical requirements straw crushed (shredded) length should be less than 5-10 cm; crushed straw throwing width to cut width and width is good, plus or minus 1 meter; straw Crushing pass rate is greater than 90%; straw is covered by soil more than 75%; root excretion rate is greater than 99.5%; every 666.7 m 2 increased application of urea about 6 kg; wheat straw returned to the field using shallow return farming practices, shallow turning 10 ~ 15 cm or tillage 10-15 cm, combined with deep pine farming. 2, to solve a good four issues 1 the number of straw returned to the field and the general amount of straw returned to the field should not be too much, every 666.7 m 2 300-400 kg of field is appropriate, otherwise it is difficult to cover the tillage. When the water content of straw is more than 30%, the returning effect is good. 2 straw crushed quality straw crushed (shredded) length is preferably less than 5 cm, do not exceed 12 cm, the lower the height of the remaining rake is better, the spread should be uniform. 3Adjust the C/N ratio According to the study, after the straw is directly returned to the field, the C:N ratio of the suitable straw rot is 20:1~25:1, and the ratio of carbon to nitrogen of the straw itself is relatively high, and the corn straw is 53:1. Straw is 87:1. This high ratio of carbon to nitrogen will cause denitrification during the rot of the straw. The microorganisms absorb the available nitrogen in the soil and take away the available nitrogen needed by the crops to make the seedlings yellow and grow slowly, which is not conducive to breeding strong. seedling. Therefore, in addition to returning the straw to the field, nitrogen fertilizer must be applied to maintain a reasonable ratio of carbon to nitrogen. It is generally appropriate to incorporate about 1 kg of pure nitrogen per 100 kg of air-dried straw. 4 Deep ploughing and cultivating The ploughing depth should be more than 20 cm. Ensure that the stalks are turned to the ground and tightly closed. After the ploughing, heavy-duty depressions should be used, and where conditions permit, they should be poured out in time.

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