3French disease rabbit

A look: The diseased rabbit is mentally depressed, body is wasted, bones are exposed, and the coat is disheveled and lacks luster. Healthy rabbits have strong appetite and fast feeding; rabbits suffer from poor appetite, slow feeding, or poor feeding. The feces of healthy rabbits are granular, oval-shaped, uniform in size, and smooth and smooth on the surface. If dry and fine fecal pellets appear, it means that constipation should be fed with some green and juicy feed; if it is found that the stool is sickle or soft, this is the performance of indigestion, charcoal powder, yeast tablets, etc. should be added to the feed. If the excrement is piled up and sloppy, such as mud, sometimes mixed with blood, air bubbles and rancid odor, mostly suffering from acute enteritis, dysentery or infectious diseases, should be isolated treatment.

Second touch: healthy rabbit skin is strong, dense and elastic, ruddy and smooth and clean, the normal skin temperature is 33.5 - 36 °C, abdominal soft and flexible. If the rabbit is disturbed when the abdomen is touched, the abdominal muscles are tense and have tremors, etc., which are more common in peritonitis; and when there is fluid in the abdomen, the touch has a feeling of volatility.

Three tests: mainly to measure body temperature, pulse and respiratory rate. Body temperature measurement generally adopts anal thermometry, rabbit normal body temperature is 38.5-39.5 °C, and young rabbit body temperature is higher than adult rabbits, adult rabbits are higher than the old rabbits. If the body temperature rises to 41°C, it is an indication of an acute, severe infectious disease. Healthy rabbits have 120 to 150 pulses per minute. Increased pulse rate is a manifestation of fever and infectious diseases. Healthy rabbits breathe 50-80 times per minute. Rabbit breathing increased or decreased.

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