Medicinal Plant Stevia rebaudiens

Solanum nigrum L. Alias ​​black tree. An annual herbaceous plant belonging to the Solanaceae, used as a whole herb. There are small poisons. With heat detoxification, diuresis swelling effect. Distributed throughout the country.

Symptoms mainly affect the leaves. The size of the lesions on the leaves is 5-10mm, nearly round, and the lesions on the lesions are obvious. Most of the early brown, later turned gray, grow black dots on it, that is, bacteria spores.

The pathogenic Ascochyta solanicola Oudem. called eggplant spores of the genus Aspergillus subsp. The conidiospore was scattered on the foliage, breaking through the epidermis slightly, spherical or nearly spherical, 96-144 μm in size. Conidia cylindrical, straight or slightly curved, colorless, with a diaphragm, no contracture, ends more rounded, size 6-122-3 (μm).

Transmission pathways and disease conditions occur as conidiospores on the diseased bodies, and when conditions are suitable in late spring, conidia are transmitted by airflow. Inner Mongolia occurs from August to September.

For control methods, see Mantoslovirus black spot.

Intestinal localization was administered to reduce adverse effects.

Targeted site-specific release:

Two hours in gastric juice will not disintegrate or crack, dissolve within thirty minutes of disintegrating juice, providing a perfect solution for protein and peptide drugs and probiotics.

Enteric coated gelatin hollow capsule is made of gelatin and enteric coating material in gastric juice it will not collapse, but will release in the intestines as a collapse of a target product . It is often used for special packaging of drugs and health cae products which are irritating to the stomach or unstable under acid, or dissolved and effected in the intestine.

Intestinal location administration can improve the efficacy of drugs, reduce the dose and the adverse reaction, brings the convenience to patients. Moreover , it can avoid the degradation of gral protein, polypeptide or health care products and provide the best absorption sites for them.

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