The old shed must not rely on careful management of nematodes

When talking about root-knot nematode disease, the farmers who grow cucumbers are said to be refractory. According to farmers, root-knot nematode disease is as natural as cucumber roots.

Mazhai Village, Datian Town, Shouguang City, is a professional greenhouse for cucumbers grown in greenhouses. Cucumbers are grown in greenhouses for many years, but nematodes have never caused great losses. How did the village growers control root knot nematode disease? I picked a shed to find out. When the author explained his intentions, the shedder Lord Madd said: “The sheds of the family were built in 2000, and they will last for the entire ten years by the end of the year. Don’t look for old sheds, but they really haven’t had root-knot nematode disease yet. ."

“Master Ma, what's your coup for preventing and treating this disease?” the author asked. Master Ma smiled and said: "We don't really care if everyone controls root-knot nematode disease really. There is no cocoon once it is infected, but if it is well-prevented, the incoming route of root-knot nematode disease is completely cut off. Root knot nematodes." It seems that Master Ma is focusing on "defense." Master Ma introduced: "Speaking is not new, but everyone is very familiar with the measures, but I have done very fine Bale. First of all, the empty period to be stuffy shed. I was in the upper cucumber after pulling the garden, followed by organic Fertilizer applied into the shed, such as 10 acres of fresh chicken manure, 5000 pounds of rice husk dung, deep pour into the ground, water, and then the film on the ground, sheds closed Yankou, drowsy shed for a month. The use of fungus fertilizer can be used in the morning or evening of sunny days to spread biological fertilizers into the ground and turn over the ground, so that the biological bacteria fertilizer can be used early and fully, and the beneficial bacteria can occupy the soil space in full time. Vermectin dregs, because avermectin can control root knot nematode disease, and this fertilizer has double effect of medicinal fertilizer, which is better than avermectin alone.I used 1000 pounds for one mu of land. In place, some details of management must also be taken into account in order to completely isolate the root-knot nematode disease out of the shed.For example, seedlings, it is best to raise their own seedlings or purchase them from large-scale nursery factories, and must not ask others to plant seedlings in the shed. Because of their own disease prevention measures Shi Xilai, and the large nursery facilities are complete, disease prevention measures are also relatively complete, but from each household to the seedlings it is difficult to ensure that no root knot nematode.For example, shoes, must enter the shed to change shoes In order to prevent the small soil blocks with root knot nematodes on the shoes from being carried into the shed, disinfecting ponds or sprinkle with lime to dispose the sheds at the entrance, sometimes it is inevitable that neighbors will come to the shed, and a disinfecting tank shall be installed in the shed doorway. Or sprinkle with lime can effectively prevent the introduction of nematodes. However, it should be noted that it is not a matter of adding a disinfectant or lime once. It is necessary to pay attention to supplements.”

Master Ma finally stressed: "I do not advocate that kind of management does not pay attention to rely on more cucumber to prevent disease prevention measures. Drug filling more, not only pest resistance, cucumber can not stand." It seems that Master Ma We rely on our usual and delicate management to prevent root-knot nematode disease. Not only use less drugs, the effect is still very good.

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