What is microbial fertilizer

Ms. Xin of Qiqihar in Heilongjiang Province asked what is microbiological fertilizer and what is it?

A: Microbial fertilizer refers to a fertilizer containing a large amount of beneficial microorganisms. It consists mainly of beneficial microorganisms and the matrix required for the microbial life activities. Beneficial microorganisms mainly refer to nitrogen-fixing rhizobia, nitrogen-fixing bacteria, phosphorus-removing and potassium-releasing bacteria that can activate phosphorus and potassium nutrients, probiotics that can improve the resistance of crops, and decomposing bacteria that can promote the transformation of organic substances. When choosing a farmer friend, one must pay attention to the brand to prevent counterfeiting; the second is to meet the survival conditions of microorganisms when it is preserved and applied; the third is to make it clear that it mainly serves as the “icing on the cake” and cannot replace the bulk organics. Nutrient supply of fertilizers and fertilizers. (This issue of experts: Senior Advisor of Sinofert and Professor Wang Xingren of China Agricultural University)

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