Lin Yi's economic value

The use of earthworms has a long history in China. In the Ming Dynasty, "In the middle of Guangzhong Research," there was "more mountains in northern Sichuan, love their umbilical cords, and each person was swift and impatient, that is, he turned to Gao Yan and cracked the incense. "They smashed to death, still arched to protect their umbilical" records, at that time had been used as a favorite item of musk, the musk as a valuable medicinal material and a target for hunting. Nowadays, it is widely used and its economic value is very high. It ranks among the top in the use of wild animals and its uses mainly include the following aspects.

(a) medicinal

The medicinal value of alfalfa is extremely high, and it is a rare and precious medicine beast that is famous both at home and abroad. Male secretions - musk odoriferous, muscarone, androstane derivatives, as well as cholesterol, chorine, fat, resin, protein, amino acids, lecithin, inorganic salts and other ingredients . It has the functions of aromatherapy, phlegm, phlegm, blood circulation, analgesia, detumescence, detoxification, and oxytocin. Indications: coma, stroke, anger, cold, abdominal pain, tumor, pain, product, bruises, Hemorrhoids are swollen and poisonous. Its strong aroma, strong irritant, excitatory to the central nervous system, greater role in the respiratory center, vasodilation and contraction center, is an important raw material for a variety of drugs.

(B) Use of spices

Musk is also an important raw material for spices. It is widely used as a high-level spice and fixative in the production of daily chemical products and spices. In addition, musk has a wide range of uses, and as many as one thousand kinds of products are used as raw materials, and its price is high. In the international market, the price of wild beasts is higher than that of gold.

(three) other uses

The quail's meat is delicate and delicious, ranking first in the wild, deer, deer, and rare wild game. Suede can be leather, hair can be used as filler. Breeding techniques: As early as 1958, Sichuan Province carried out the domestication of wild pheasants and initially overcame the wildness of crickets. In addition, the success of artificial rearing and breeding has been achieved, and advanced techniques for artificial incense and secondary incense for live aphids have been developed. In recent years, research has been carried out outside the province on domesticated rearing and breeding. On this basis, forestry control grazing experiments have also been carried out to improve the physical fitness, reduce the incidence rate by 10% and achieve a survival rate of 90%. The province can provide a wide range of areas for artificial breeding, and it can be raised throughout the province. The suitable development areas are mainly basin-mountainous mountains and western Sichuan mountains.

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