Medicinal plant peppermint rust

Symptoms mainly affect the leaves and stems. At the beginning of the disease, the leaves form a round to spindle-shaped yellow spot on the foliage, then become hypertrophied, with rust-colored powdery rust spores, followed by a white spot on the surface, a pale brownish spore, and black on the back in autumn. Powder, which is teliospores, is a serious disease with hypertrophy.

Pathogen Puccinia menthae Pers. Peppermint rust is a genus of phylum Inglea fungi. The summer spores are nearly round in shape. They are born on the back of the leaves, scattered or connate, breaking through the epidermis. The black-brown heap of the teliospore is also found on the back or on petiole and stem, scattered or aggregated. Single host parasitic, the fungus can form spores, rust spores, spores, teliospores. The sexual spores are colorless, born in a sexual organ, oval, size 2—30.5—1.5 (μm); rusty spores are in the rust, yellow, unit cells, spherical to elliptic, with surface Fine thorns, size 20-312l-27 (μm); summer spores aggregated into the spore stack, unit cell spherical, surface thorns, pale yellow, size 16-3120-27 (μm); teliospores aggregated into the teliospores heap. The teliospores are elliptical, yellowish-brown, with a short burr on the surface, size 27–4219–29 (μm), one raw diaphragm, and papillary projections on top.

Transmission pathways and disease conditions wintering with winter spores or uredia spores in the diseased part, the bacteria can form intermediate spores overwintering and infestation, becoming the source of infestation early in the year. Rust spores are not strong in viability, and can only survive for 15-30 days. The spread of the disease mainly depends on repeated infections of the summer spores during the growth period, which expands the disease. 18 °C conducive to the germination of uredia spores, can survive under low temperature conditions for 187 days, do not germinate above 25-30 °C; winter spores formed at 15 °C below, after winter, produce microspore infection. The disease occurs from May to October, and it is prone to onset in the rainy season.

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