Four advantages of meat pigeon breeding

The pigeon meat is delicate and delicious. It is the first of its kind in the poultry industry. It is an ideal food with high protein and low fat. It is also an advanced nourishing nutritional product. It is used for food and medicine. Meat pigeon breeding industry is also one of the special aquaculture industries that has emerged in recent years. Due to its advantages of easy accessibility, short production cycle, and low investment, it has gradually become a new financial road for the development of local economy and rich farmers.

Easy to keep

After the hen has hatched the eggs, the pigeons are self-incubated and do not need to be hatched or fed, nor do they need to be reared and managed in stages. Meat pigeons have strong immunity and disease resistance. The devastating diseases of other birds are not easy to occur in pigeons. The meat pigeon has strong adaptability. The adaptable temperature of the meat pigeon is -40°C~40°C. It can grow in the tropical, subtropical, temperate and frigid zones, so it can be raised in all parts of the country.

Fast growing

The newly hatched young pigeon weighs only about 20 grams. After 25 days of breeding with pigeons, young birds can grow to more than 500 grams, which is 25 times the weight of the shell. It is the fastest growing among birds in the early stages.

low cost

Meat pigeons can be raised in a large-scale three-dimensional cage with plant-based feeds and meat ratio of 2:1. According to the current market corn price, the direct feed cost of each pair of pigeons is less than 3 yuan.

Stable benefits

At present, the market meat pigeons are priced at about 15 yuan each, and they are calculated on the basis of 12 pairs (6 pairs) of pigeons per year. The annual production value is 180 yuan, depreciation of breeding pigeons, fixed assets (loft, cage), feed, and defense The cost of sickness, funds and other interest is 70 yuan, and the profit can be 110 yuan per year for each breeding pigeon.

At present, the domestic meat pigeon consumption can be counted among many meat-type special-care projects. As people's consumption levels increase, and further understanding of the nutritional value of pigeons, the trend of "doping with pigeons on behalf of chickens" will become more apparent.

If we strengthen the cultivation of leading enterprises and develop international markets, the meat pigeon industry will have more room for development.

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