Fruit tree sheds make use of space

If you make full use of the fruit tree shed space and mix it with plants, you can generally increase income by 1,000-3,000 yuan per mu.

Intercropping After the strawberry planting and during the first year of the fruiting period, there was space available for intercropping strawberries (planting in mid-August). Before the strawberry is planted, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium compound fertilizers are applied between the rows, and ridging is performed. The ridge width is 50 centimeters, two rows per ridge, and the film is covered with water after irrigation. The demand for low temperature in the fruit trees is met and the temperature in the buckle shed is increased. The strawberry is completely removed after harvesting.

The back slope of the open space and space flowering greenhouse is longer, and there is 1-2 meters of space in the shed. It can place potted fruit trees, flowers and plants, such as potted pomegranates, peaches and potted dahlias, jasmine flowers, without affecting the operation. Drugs, etc., listed on the Spring Festival, high returns. Small pots can also be hung in the upper space.

Between the front row and the rear row, 1-1.5 meters from the front edge of the variety of operating booths, due to the low level and the cold season, they are susceptible to freezing damage. It is possible to plant cold vegetables such as cabbage and rapeseed. Cabbage and rape can be planted with zucchini, precocious chilli, or early maturing tomatoes after harvesting during the Spring Festival. The lettuce seedlings that will be exposed in September will be planted on the sides of the column at the rear column after 30 centimeters of plant spacing after the shed, and will be listed one after another after the Spring Festival. The roots of the two walls of the greenhouse are located 1-2 meters away. Because of the weak light, canonites or mushrooms can be cultivated.

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