How to raise a lion rabbit

If you want to raise a lion rabbit, pay attention to rabbits, combs, and foods to feed rabbits every day.

If you want to call a name, the rabbit responds. You can call the name each time. When it looks at you, it will hold it out of the cage. As time goes by, it will know that it's called White, Calling Rabbit, Calling Binnie... Raising a Rabbit A Bonus, that is, their coat color may change color as they grow older. Once there was a black lion rabbit turned into a gray, brighter than the original color, more eye-catching, like an ugly duckling metamorphosis. They have the usual rabbit docile, but look proud and proud, standing in the rabbit group can be said to stand out from the crowd, do extraordinary!

The legend is that the rabbit is a glass belly, in fact, as long as it does not force rubbing its belly, touch or light care is no problem.

Newborn rabbits are susceptible to colds, so it is best to put a soft cloth around the cage and try to place the cage in a warm indoor place. A cold rabbit will have a wet nose, like a human runny nose. If you find such a condition, you need to find a pet doctor to help, otherwise it is extremely difficult to heal. The belly is also a big problem for rabbits. To buy a rabbit, it is best to ask the seller first for what food it has eaten so that it can continue to be used. If you don’t just put a big red radish in, then the rabbit will get drowned and it’s easy to dehydrate it. Poor.

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