Rape winter pipe catch "four promotion"

Autumn drought in our province is serious this year. The delay in rape seedling cultivation and transplanting has affected the fall of rapeseed. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the field management of rapeseed in winter so that it can reach the “wholesale seedlings, will be sealed, ten leaves, feet long, not convulsions, no leaves, no yellow” winter hair looks longer years ago, forming a comparison Large vegetative bodies ensure increased branches, increased maggots, increased granules, and increased production.

Fertilization and water supply promote stability. Rapeseed requires more fertilizer at the seedling stage. In addition to transplanting roots and fertilizers while planting, it is recommended to chase the seedlings once after living. The Osmanthus will be re-fertilized before the Osamu, and usually the manure or biogas slurry will be applied per acre. -30 watts, can also be used urea 7.5-10 kg and potassium fertilizer 7.5-10 kg or 30-40 kg of NPK fertilizer on the water 20-30k pouring, in order to facilitate warming antifreeze, and do wax spring use. Rape is very sensitive to boron, should pay attention to increase boron fertilizer, usually 0.5 kg per acre with borax, the first borax with a small amount of hot water, and then poured into the fertilizer to prevent "flowering but not real" disease. Drought should be timely drought-resistant water supply, generally combined with top-dressing to achieve heavy-water thin fertilizer, in case of severe drought, furrow irrigation, can not flood irrigation. At the same time, do a good job of trench drainage to prevent waterlogging.

Weeding and weeding promote rooting. "Long leaf first long root, long root by cultivator." Rape is mostly no-tillage transplanting, soil compaction, poor physical and chemical properties, to see Aegle and other weeds, must be cultivated and weeding in time after live hoeing, combined with soil stabilization, in order to facilitate the development and deep root system. Late planting, shallow planting and tall planting should pay more attention to cultivating the soil and protecting the roots. Chemical weed control is an economical and effective method for controlling weeds. When we look at grassy weeds and other grass weeds in the 3-5 leaf stage, we use 12.5% ​​of herbicides per mu for 50 ml of emulsifiable concentrate and add 40 kg of water evenly to the weeds.

Promptly manage pests to promote robustness. The locusts and cabbage caterpillars are often harmed before winter rape. The locusts are sprayed with 10% alfalfa net 2000 times per acre, and the cabbage caterpillars are sprayed with 2.5% hypertonic emulsifiable oil (also known as cypermethrin, green tigers and tigers). Water 30-40 kg spray.

Remove the early urge to promote the new embarrassment. Some rapeseeds are prone to early onset in the winter due to excessive seedling age or excessive seeding. Early oysters not only consume nutrients, but also do not freeze. They should cut the upper 7-10 cm on a sunny day at 10-17 centimeters of early sorghum, and apply a quick-acting nitrogen fertilizer to the stalks to promote the new sorghum.

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