Pleurotus Fertilization Technology

First, culture medium fertilizer

1. 2% for lime, gypsum and superphosphate, 0.2% for boric acid, salt, and sucrose, and 6% for plant and tree ash.

2. Add 1 g of a-indole acetic acid per 100 kg of culture medium, and use 10 g of vitamins. Dissolve the preparation in water and stir in the mixture.

3, Enshi, the best concentration of 5000 times.

4, rare earth elements, the optimum concentration of 25ppm, this concentration can be sprayed during the fruiting period.

5, Taomi Shui, using rice and water 1:3 Taomi water mixing, can reduce the amount of bran and sucrose in the base material, and rarely rancidity in the raw material cultivation.

6, bean curd water (to make the tofu of the foot, it is best to use liquid), ash leaching liquid and so on.

Second, fruiting fertilizer

l, 1% sucrose, 0.1% potassium dihydrogen phosphate, 0.05% magnesium sulfate, 1% calcium carbonate, and sprayed once before and after fruiting body formation.

2. Magnesium sulphate, zinc sulphate, potassium dihydrogen phosphate, VB1 each 0.04%, spraying after budding, then the maturity of Pleurotus ostreatus is consistent and the mushroom body is hypertrophy.

3, potassium dihydrogen phosphate 1%, urea 0.3%, 30 alkanol 0.5ppm, used in the extension period, can increase production by more than 30%. If the mycelium is used across the surface of the mycelium to the elongation stage and 5ppm of a-naphthoacetic acid is used, the effect of increasing production is better.

4. It is better to use 10ppm gibberellin during the second tidal period.

5,2,4-D20ppm treatment of young buds, a significant increase in production.

6, urea 0.5%, citric acid 0.1%, using lime to adjust the PH value to 7, after the first tidal mining, after the second period.

7. Ethanol 2%, ammonium dihydrogen phosphate 0.1%, VC0.02%, used at low temperature during elongation of Pleurotus ostreatus, and covered. The phenomenon of dead mushroom is used at high temperatures.

8, mushroom robust agent No. 1: B90.5g, VB140mg, magnesium sulfate 40g, zinc sulfate 20g, boric acid 10g, urea 100g, sprayed diluted with 100kg water, four days in advance to mushroom.

Third, fertilization should pay attention to several issues.

1. Fertilizers for the medium should be based on the nutritional status of the base material. For example, when the cotton seed hulls are cultivated at high temperatures under the raw materials, only a certain amount of bactericides can be added, and only inorganic fertilizers can be added.

2, fertilization sequence: the use of efficient nutrients to facilitate physical growth, hormone after application. All kinds of fertilizer liquids are best used interchangeably.

3, the concentration should be appropriate. Commonly used fertilizer concentration is generally 1% -2%, especially the use of hormones should pay attention, too high too low will not work; insoluble hormones can be dissolved in water and then diluted with water.

4, fertilization can be combined with the use of water spray, so that less and diligent, do not over-fertilize; fertilization methods can be flood irrigation, injection, perfusion and so on.

5, timely fertilizer. In addition to the above-mentioned specific fertilization period, it is generally used after picking mushrooms. If you use the fertilizer in the young mushroom period, you should spray it on the no-mushrooms, then gently rinse the mushrooms with water, and then ventilate. Bacteria bed (rods) should be treated with bacteria before fertilization.

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