Winter fish pond inflatable aeration

After the surface of the fish pond is frozen, a sand filter can be connected to the top of the hose connected to the air pump, or many small holes can be directly pierced on the hose. The water can be set in the ice water. The air pump can be driven by a windmill or an animal to press the air into the hose and allow it to pass through. The sand filter or pores diffuse into the water with very small bubbles, raising the contact area between water and air and increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. In addition, when the water in the freezing pool is seriously deprived of oxygen and is not ready for use, oxygen cylinders can be used for emergency oxygenation. That is, pure oxygen is directly sent through the hose to the water under the ice, allowing it to gradually diffuse in the water.

Gynecological Examining Table is according to market demand to absorb and learn from foreign advanced technology manufacturing ,delivery obstetrics and gynecology ,gynecological examination ,diagnosis, surgery ,emergency caesarean section and general gynecological surgery, including multi-functional Operating Table.The  product of lift ,front and rear tilt ,on the backplane under the fold by the hand-held  micro manipulator  manipulate.The power system adopts imported linear motor, low noise, performance implicit, beautiful appearance, easy to clean.

Obstetric Delivery Bed

Gynecological Examining Table

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