Cauliflower Fertilization Technology

The broccoli planting seasons and cultivation methods of northern and southern China are similar to those of cabbage, and the fertilization conditions are roughly the same. In spring early-maturing varieties, basal fertilizers should be used for cultivation. Due to its short growing period and large amount of fertilizers, basal fertilizers require good quality manures of 37 500 to 60 000 kg per hectare, along with the application of some chemical nitrogen and phosphorus. Potash or ternary compound fertilizer. The basal fertilizer is generally combined with soil preparation. Top dressing is usually done in the early stages of flower bulb formation, with nitrogen and potassium fertilizers as the main ingredients. Fertilizer can be applied to the ditch and can also be planted next to the plant. After the application, the soil should be covered and watered immediately.

As the late-maturing varieties in the autumn have a longer growth period, the amount of basal fertilizers is larger, which is about 2 times higher than that of early-maturing cultivars, and the amount of topdressing is also more demanding. Generally, it should be applied 2 to 3 times, and the fertilizer should be determined according to the characteristics of the varieties. Measures. Early-maturing varieties should be top-dressed early, while mid-to-late-maturing varieties should have more top dressings. Every hectare is followed by 30 to 45 thousand kilograms of human fecal urine (or livestock manure) or 45 to 75 kilograms of nitrogen fertilizer. The first topdressing was slow seedling fertilizer, which was carried out about one week after planting, and mainly available nitrogen fertilizer. The second topdressing was ball fertilizer, which was generally performed before the formation of flower bulbs. This was the critical period for fertilizer application. Flower ball fertilizer accounts for more than half of the total amount of fertilizer. The third fertilizer can be applied in the middle and late stages of flower bulb formation. Considering that the plants are large at this time and it is difficult to dig holes, chemical fertilizers (mainly nitrogen and potassium fertilizers) can be applied with water.

The application of trace elements is best performed using foliar fertilizers. The foliar fertilizers currently sold on the market are mostly liquid micro-fertilizers, and fertilizer sprays can be applied twice before and after the formation of flower bulbs.

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