Several new pesticide application techniques

Low-volume spray technology means that the application amount per unit area is constant, and the pesticide solution is slightly diluted, and the water consumption is equivalent to 1/10 to 1/5 of the conventional spray.

Electrostatic spray technology through the high-voltage static electricity generating device, so that the method of spraying spray droplets, the liquid deposition on the surface of the plant leaf significantly increased the effective utilization of pesticides can be increased to 90%.

Pelletized application technology For the use of water-soluble pharmaceuticals in paddy fields, pelletized application techniques can be used to spread the pellets evenly over the farmland. The work efficiency is increased by several times, and pesticides do not drift with the wind and do not pollute. Adjacent crops.

The recirculation spray technology re-engineers the conventional sprayer equipment. A drug recovery device is installed on the opposite side of the sprayer. The liquid that is not deposited on the plant is collected and recycled into the liquid tank, which can significantly increase the effective use of pesticides. .

The drug roller coating technique is mainly used for the use of systemic herbicides. The drug solution passes through the surface of the drug roller (a roller made of a foam material that can absorb the drug solution), and the contact with the upper blade of the weeds can be effective. . This method can almost completely apply the agent on the surface of the weed plant, and no spillage or dripping of the solution occurs.

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