Gem Biogas Fast Decomposition Instructions

Gem Biogas Fast Decomposition Instructions

one. Product Description Gimbab Biogas Fast Decomposition is the latest in a series of high-tech techniques developed through separation, purification and rejuvenation using a combination of international high-end microbiological engineering technology from the United States, Japan and South Korea, combined with proprietary intellectual property rights and patented technologies. A biogas fast decomposer, which belongs to the domestic first natural compound fermentation bacterial agent, and its original strain is taken from the soil layer of the deep mountain jungle. This product is a good (consumption) oxygen type fermentation agent, and it has fast fermentation speed and simple operation. Without the use of supplementary materials, various crop straws, forages, etc. can be transformed and fermented, and the lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose, pectin, and waxy compounds in the straw are destroyed, and the contact surface with bacteria is increased. It is well decomposed and utilized by bacteria, which greatly improves the prevention of crusts, rapid start-up, increase of gas production, and improvement of gas production efficiency.
two. Product Features
1. Saving rot time, early entry into the gas production stage, straw is difficult to digest, and lignin, fiber, etc. are difficult to be decomposed. For example, use Gumbo biogas fast rot to enter the digester after treatment, which will obviously save the decay time and enter the gas production stage in advance. Save 60% of your time.
2. Preventing crusts and affecting the surface of gas-producing straw has a layer of wax that is not easily destroyed by biogas microorganisms. If the straw directly under the pool will be a large number of floating crust, and has not been fully utilized decomposition, affecting gas production and gas production efficiency, such as before entering the pool with Glyphon biogas fast rot agent after processing it destroyed, can increase gas production 30 -50%.
3. Increased gas production and gas production efficiency After the raw materials are processed, the fermentation time in the pool is naturally reduced, and the gas production starts when the inlet temperature reaches the required level. If the raw material is used in combination with Gumbo biogas starter, the startup time can be reduced by half. , can increase 50-100% of gas production.
three. Instructions:
(1) Chopped or coarsely crushed 10 straws (about 1-2 tons in dry weight) are used to cut the straw to a length of about 60 millimeters with a guillotine blade, so as to save the cost, it is not necessary to roughly smash. This can not only damage the surface of the straw Wax layer, and increase the contact surface of fermentation raw materials and bacteria, can accelerate the decomposition of raw materials. At the same time, it is also convenient for operation during discharge and fertilization. After the chopped and coarse-grained straw is fermented under the pool, the gas production can generally be increased by about 20%. Stacking into large piles must be done while pressure is on the sides of the stack, and the volume should be reduced as much as possible.
(2) Preparation of fermentation broth: The urea water is then made from 2.5 kg Urea to 150-200 kg of water and spread evenly on the straw heap. The water content of the fermented heap is required to reach 60-70%. (Water judging method: grasping a handful of materials, see the water is not dripping, landing is scattered is appropriate). Wait until the urea water is saturated, cover with a breathable cover, naturally placed for 24 hours, the next day to 1 kg Jinbao biogas Mix the fast rot with 5 kg of rice bran and dilute it evenly in the piled straw. After inoculation, cover it again and protect from light and rain.
(3) Stacking processing The stacking time is 2 to 3 days in summer and 5 to 7 days in winter. When the stack is hot and hot (50-60°C), immediately turn the stack and pour it out of the stack into the heap and add some water. When the color of most straws turns from yellow to soft and then black or brown, A pull is broken, you can put into the digester fermentation.
After the material is processed, it can be put into the pool. If it is combined with the Gumbol biogas fermentation agent, the gas production efficiency and gas production capacity will be greatly improved. Details can visit the website or consult.

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