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Shandong Muhui Animal Husbandry is set to raise and sell, and is allocated in one large-scale purchase and sale center. For Simmental, Xia Lai Lai, Limousin, Piedmont high-quality beef cattle, red and white cows, calves, shelf cattle, bred cattle , help children cattle. Its characteristics: thick bones, cold and heat resistance, fast growth, easy feeding, good management, quick effect, daily gain of 3.5 -5.0 kg, daily trading. Charge d'affaires business, quarantine, cattle purchase, transportation, tire inspection. It is well received by customers in more than a dozen provinces, cities and autonomous regions such as Beijing, Hebei, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Heilongjiang, Jilin, and Xinjiang. The Center provides free services such as reception, examination, consultation, selection, epidemic prevention, procedures and transportation. Provide feeding materials. Our customers will purchase high quality services and send professional technical personnel to help purchase. Satisfaction (Free gift: Beef cattle fattening and feeding technology CD, provide large beef cattle farm for customers to visit, and customers Store more than 300 heads when purchasing cows).
For out-of-breed varieties, the “breeding livestock and poultry certificate” has been issued to ensure the purity of refined varieties. This field is based on superior seeds, survives with high quality, and develops with prestige. All old and new friends from all walks of life are welcome to choose and transfer! For customers who come to adjust their cattle or visits, they are provided with free food and accommodation. The center is responsible for picking up the station. Because of the company's pretence to make more deceptions, please contact the company directly before the arrival to avoid being deceived by the manager: Si Qingmin, Tel: http:/ /
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Amino acid plays an important role in human and animal nutrition and health. It has wide use and  prospect market.  we are decided to develop an amino acid derivative compounds according to the company 's own personnel expertise . Currently we focus on the development of amino acid derivatives. Amino acid derivative is a compound derived from sequence of reactions by amino acid, the predecessor of the amino acid derivative is an amino acid. Under leading by Massachusetts Institute of Technology Dr. Wanghong Yao , synthesis tenology has continuous improvement, production process has continuous innovation. Our original synthesis method is on the transferring to the fermentation method , enzymatic method. Under strictly environmental pressure background, the method not only greatly reduce the pressure but also improve economic efficiency. Some of our products can reach production capacity in tons, we will take reasonable measures to try to meet the market demand , and strive to achieve on time delivery , delivery asap in timely period .

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Amino Series

Amino Series, Humic Amino Acid Granule,Humic Amino Granule

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