Non-pollution Control of Mustard Yellow Stripe

(1) Clear the field and surrounding weeds.
(2) The roots and parts of the plant being harmed are limed or drizzled with lime water, or the amount of ammonia water applied per 666.7 m2 is 20-25 kg, which is both effective and insecticidal.
(3) Chemical control: spraying 800 to 1000 times liquid trichlorfon or malathion on the roots, spraying when found larvae, good insecticidal effect; or seize the pre-spawning period, use 4000 times liquid 20% of cypermethrin, 2000 times of 10% of Permethrin, and 800 to 1000 times of 80% of dichlorvos spray have good results. Stop using pesticides 7 to 10 days before harvesting.

Isolation Gown

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