Prevention of degeneration of long-haired rabbits

In recent years, the degradation of long-haired rabbit breeds raised by farmers has become more serious, with smaller body size and lower hair production rate. In order to prevent the degradation of varieties, the following aspects of work should be done.
First, the choice of rabbits. Kinds of rabbits should pay attention to male and female rabbits with strong physique, large size, fast growth, high yield, and strong disease resistance. The coat needs full-fledged head hair, unrestrained triceps, dense ear hair, and a full-backed abdomen.
Second, prevent inbreeding. In the long-haired rabbits reared in rural areas, the mating of close relatives is relatively common. This phenomenon must be changed. To prevent degradation, the male and female breeding rabbits should have no identical blood relationship within three generations.
Third, age matching should be reasonable. Generally, it is best to use a young male rabbit with a prime female rabbit, and a young male rabbit with an old female rabbit or an old male rabbit with a female female rabbit.
Fourth, male and female rabbits should be healthy. All those who have vaginitis, pubic hernia, metritis and other diseases and defects can not be used as a rabbit.
Fifth, master the initial match age. General female rabbit 7 to 8 months of age, weighing more than 2.5 kg, male rabbit 9 to 10 months of age, weighing more than 3 kilograms, began mating is appropriate.
(Wang Xianchao)

Green Raisin

Origin in Xinjiang, the largest origin of raisins in China. Raisins can contain up to 72% sugars by weight, most of which is fructose and glucose. They also contain about 3% protein and 3.7%–6.8% dietary fiber. Raisins like prunes and apricots are also high in certain antioxidants, but have a lower Vitamin C content than fresh grapes. Raisins are low in sodium and contain no cholesterol.  Among individuals with mild increases in blood pressure, the routine consumption of raisins (three times a day) may significantly lower blood pressure, especially when compared to eating other common snacks.

green raisin

Green Raisin

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