Technical points of processing technology related to wax gourd

(1) Process selection→cleaning, peeling, peeling, cutting→hardening, rinsing, hot deodorization, sugar stains, sugar boiling, sugar cooling, and packaging.
(B) the operating point Description 1 choice of materials: the choice of a large meat thickness, smooth surface, nine ripe wax gourd as raw material.
2 cleaning and peeling: Wash the surface of gourd with clean water first, then use planing knife or kitchen knife to shave the epidermis, cook until white melon meat appears.
3 to cut the cut section: After the peeled melon cut open, take out the melon, cut the melon on the clean board to grow 4 to 5 cm wide and thick each 1.2 cm small rectangular strips.
4 hardening wash: Lime in the cylinder, the pool with 1.5% of the lime solution, wait until its precipitate after taking the liquid, the cut melon strips in the lime solution soak 8 to 12 hours, so that Guagua hardened , To achieve the purpose of crisp, and then picked up the melon strips, with water to remove the lime adhered to the melon strips.
5 hot cooking deodorization: the washed melon strips into the boiling water pot, hot cook 6 ~ 10 minutes, cook until translucent as well. Then pick up and rinse with water 2 or 3 times to make the melon strip off lime taste.
6 candied fruit: first prepare a good concentration of 25% sugar, mix well and pour into melon strips, soak for 12 hours. Then the sugar concentration was adjusted to 35% to 40%, and the melon sticks were soaked for 12 hours to make them suck sugar.
7 candied: the melon strips and sugar liquid half, into the stainless steel pot boiled and then use a small fire to cook, use the shovel to flip up and down to prevent coking, cook until the sugar concentration of 70% to 75%, melon strip was presented When it is transparent.
8 Spreading the cold sugar: Drain the boiled melon strips, dry them on a mat, return them to the pot, and mix them with a layer of white sugar.
(3) The product quality standards are ivory coats, sweet and white in color; moisture content is 15%-20%, and sugar content is over 80%.

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