How to use the voltage divider and precautions

1. Ground the standard high voltage divider grounding terminal safely.

2. Connect the high voltage wire above the equalizing ball and tighten the high voltage wire with the wire screw.

3. Insert the input end of the instrument base into the digital high voltage meter measurement end, switch the toggle switch to the “DC” position when measuring DC, and switch the toggle switch to “AC” position when measuring AC.

4. When the voltage measured by the AC/DC digital voltage divider is less than 20kV, select “LOW” file. When it exceeds 20kV, please select “HIGH” file to obtain higher precision test value.

5. Turn on the “Power” switch and select the appropriate gear position. At this time, “0.000” or “00.00” will be displayed on the digital high voltage meter, and the measurement can be started.

6. After the test is completed, cut off the high voltage, and the standard voltage divider will only enter the scene when the reading is “0.000” or “00.00”. (In the AC test, the meter will slowly return to zero, but the high voltage power supply has no electricity, so In this case, please pay attention to the difference between AC and DC test).

7. When measuring DC, if there is a filter capacitor, the filter capacitor should be fully discharged, so that the digital high-voltage meter indicates that the reading is "0.000" before the relevant operation can be performed.

8. In the use and maintenance, attention should be paid to the cleaning of the surface of the voltage divider to prevent contamination.

The instrument should be placed in a dry place and kept in a safe place.

AC and DC digital voltage divider precautions
1. In use, there should be no debris within 2 meters of the voltage divider below 100KV (3K for 150KV-200KV voltage divider and 4 meters for 300KV voltage divider). Meters and voltage dividers should be in accordance with the power industry standards. The operating procedure of the digital high pressure gauge to determine the distance, our company recommends to maintain a safe operating distance of at least 5-6 meters.

Adhere to the principle of gentle handling, not to collide, squeeze and so on. The testing work brings great convenience.

2. The standard voltage divider should be placed in dry air. After use, it should be placed back in the aluminum alloy case to protect it from moisture.

3. When there is a more obvious discharge sound, it indicates that the standard voltage divider may be damp. There should be a dry blower to blow up and down for 1-2 minutes.

4. After the AC test is completed, the dedicated display table will not immediately return to zero, but will slowly decrease. This is due to the measurement method using true RMS. The return time is usually 10-15 minutes. If it is not completely zero, Does not affect the measurement accuracy. Because the communication does not have "positive" or "negative" polarity, but the instrument display still has the "-" sign during the AC test. This is the negative signal output designed by the TMS converter chip to improve the anti-electromagnetic interference capability. Impact; at the same time in the AC measurement, the instrument does not affect the accuracy without repeating the measurement.

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