How to cleverly eliminate tractor noise

(1) Ensure that the tractor is always working under good technical conditions.

(2) Ensure the complete and reliable working parts of the tractor. In particular, the exhaust pipe must be installed, because the exhaust pipe is mostly equipped with a silencer, which will reduce a large part (noise).

(3) Prevent loose parts and loose parts will cause vibration.

(4) Do a good job in tractor maintenance inspection. Appropriate lubricating oil and grease should be added according to the regulations to prevent dry friction or semi-dry friction caused by poor lubrication of the relative moving parts, so as to increase the noise.

(5) Maintain a good fit clearance for the moving parts. The driver must be assembled or adjusted according to technical requirements.

(6) Do not arbitrarily change the amount of oil supplied. If the oil supply is increased, the fuel injected into the cylinder cannot be completely burned, which wastes fuel, pollutes the air, and increases the noise of the tractor.

The fuel supply advance angle should be adjusted accurately. The accuracy of the fuel supply advance angle adjustment not only directly affects the power of the tractor, but also affects the noise of the tractor. We often encounter some tractors that are particularly loud when emitting exhaust gas, often accompanied by the sound of “squeaking and smashing”, which is caused by the excessive angle of fuel supply. (芷芹)

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