High and low temperature test chamber specifications, structure and related parameters

High and low temperature test chamber specifications, structure and related parameters

Product use: It is used to assess and determine the adaptability of electrician, electronic product or material in storage and use under temperature cycling conditions and high temperature or low temperature environment.

Reference standard: high and low temperature test chamber meets the standard: GB/T 2423.1-2008 test A "low temperature test method"; GB/T 2423.2-2008 test B "high temperature test method" and other relevant standards, can carry out various high and low temperature Environmental test

First, GDW-100 high and low temperature test box specifications and technical parameters:
Model GDW-100
Studio size D × W × H 450 × 450 × 500mm
Dimensions D × W × H 1150 × 900 × 1650mm
Temperature range: A: -20 ° C ~ 150 ° C B: -40 ° C ~ 150 ° C C: -60 ° C ~ 150 ° C D: -80 ° C ~ 150 ° C
Temperature uniformity: ± 2 ° C (at no load)
Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5 °C (when no load)
Heating rate: 1.0 ° C ~ 3.0 ° C / min
Cooling rate: 0.7 °C ~ 1.0 °C / min
Time setting range: 1 to 9999 hours Total power: 4KW

Second, GDW-100 high and low temperature test chamber box structure:
Equipment shell: It is made of high-quality A3 steel plate CNC machine tool, the surface of the shell is sprayed, and it is bright and beautiful. The material is SUS304 high-quality stainless steel plate insulation material: high-density glass fiber cotton, the thickness of insulation is 80mm, so the indoor temperature is not It will be conducted to the outside of the device to ensure a stable temperature observation window in the laboratory: a transparent window is placed at a reasonable position to observe changes in the indoor sample. The observation window adopts multi-layer hollow tempered glass and inner glued sheet type conductive film, which has the advantages of transparency, heat insulation, and difficulty in generating steam frosting. The long-axis fan motor and the high-low temperature resistant stainless steel multi-wing impeller are mandatory. Convection vertical diffusion cycle, uniform temperature and humidity in the laboratory and maintain stable lead holes (left side of the machine) can be used for external test power line or signal line (diameter 50mm)
The control part of the equipment is designed on the right side of the equipment, distributed with temperature controller, control switch, etc., easy to operate, simple and easy to maintain.

Third, GDW-100 high and low temperature test chamber control system:
Temperature control instrument adopts (Japan RKC) imported digital display high precision integrated controller Accuracy: 0.1 °C (display range)
Temperature sensor: PT100 platinum resistance temperature measuring body control mode: heat balance temperature control mode temperature control adopts P·I·D+S·S·R system co-channel coordinated control with automatic calculation function, which can immediately correct temperature change conditions and make temperature control More accurate and stable data and test conditions, the controller has a locking function to avoid human touch and change the test results.

Fourth, GDW-100 high and low temperature box refrigeration system:
Compressor: fully enclosed France Taikang;
Refrigeration mode: double-machine cascade refrigeration;
Condensation mode: forced air cooling;
Refrigerant: R404A, R23 (environmentally friendly);
The whole system pipeline is tested for ventilation and pressure 48H leak test;
The heating and cooling system is completely independent;
Inner spiral refrigerant copper tube;
Dry filter, refrigerant flow window, repair valve, oil separator, solenoid valve, and liquid storage tank are all imported original parts.

Five, GDW-100 high and low temperature test chamber use conditions:
Ambient temperature: 5 ° C ~ +28 ° C (average temperature within 24 hours ≤ 28 ° C)
Ambient humidity: ≤85% RH
Power requirements: AC380 (±10%) V / 50HZ three-phase five-wire system

Six, GDW-100 high and low temperature test chamber service
1. Installation and commissioning: Our company is responsible for free delivery to the customer at the location, and dispatches professional technicians to install and debug free of charge, training 2 to 5 operators to operate.
2, after-sales service commitment: the company's products are guaranteed for one year, lifetime maintenance. If there is a problem with the product, it will respond 15 minutes after receiving the repair call, and will be handled by our professional maintenance personnel within 48 hours.

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