Evaporator price (1 ton to 10 tons)

Evaporator price (1 ton to 10 tons)

Multi-effect falling film evaporator

Multi-effect falling film evaporator is suitable for low temperature continuous evaporation and concentration in milk, glucose, starch, xylose, pharmaceutical, chemical, bioengineering, environmental protection engineering, waste liquid recycling and other industries. It has high heat transfer efficiency and short heating time of materials. The main features, so it is especially suitable for heat sensitive, viscous, foaming and other materials.

Multi-effect falling film evaporator system

Various effect heating evaporators, various effect separators, condensers, hot press pumps, sterilizers, insulation pipes, vacuum systems, various effect liquid transfer pumps, condensate drain pumps, operating platforms, electrical instrument control cabinets, valves, pipelines And other system components.

Main features of falling film
1 . Adding the entire apparatus I steam heating system since uniform heating, the flow of feed solution for the liquid film-type evaporator, and therefore have a high heat transfer efficiency shorter heating time the main features. If the heat pump is configured, it has more advantages such as energy saving, low steam consumption and low cooling water circulation.
. The material is accelerated downward along the inner wall of the tube to accelerate the flow and evaporate, and is adapted to evaporate and concentrate the liquid with a relatively high viscosity.

Colotimrtrc Cup

Color Dilution Plate,Colorimetric Cup,Dilution Plate

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