How to avoid the soft fault of the inverter

There are many occurrences of soft faults in the inverter, which is one of the faults that are common in the operation of various types of inverters. So how do we reduce the occurrence of soft faults in the inverter? This is a problem that all inverter manufacturers and users are very concerned about. The details will be described below.

The methods for reducing the soft fault of the inverter are as follows: 1. Detecting overvoltage and undervoltage of the inverter; 2. Detecting overcurrent is the most frequent phenomenon of frequency conversion alarm.

Usually, overvoltage alarms generally occur when the machine is stopped. The main reason is that the deceleration time is too short or the braking resistor and the brake unit have problems. Undervoltage is also a problem we often encounter in use. Mainly because the main circuit voltage is too low (220V series is lower than 200V, 380V series is lower than 400V), the main reason: a certain damage of the rectifier bridge or abnormal operation of the thyristor three-way may cause undervoltage faults. When the second main circuit contactor is damaged, the DC bus voltage loss may cause undervoltage on the charging resistor. There is also a problem that the voltage detection circuit is faulty and undervoltage occurs.

The main phenomenon of overcurrent phenomenon is as follows:

(1) When restarting, it will trip at a speed. This is a very serious overcurrent phenomenon. The main reasons are: load short circuit, mechanical parts are stuck; inverter module is damaged; motor torque is too small and so on.

(2) Jumping on power-on, this phenomenon can't be reset generally. The main reasons are: bad module, bad drive circuit, and bad current detection circuit.

(3) When restarting, it does not immediately trip but during acceleration. The main reasons are: the acceleration time setting is too short, the current upper limit setting is too small, and the torque compensation (V/F) setting is high.

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