How to choose a high quality incubator

(1) The hatching rate of hatching rate is the most important indicator for measuring the quality of equipment, and it is also the main reason why many hatcheries spare no expense to replace advanced hatching equipment. The temperature field inside the machine should be uniform, there is no temperature dead angle, otherwise it will reduce the hatching rate; temperature control accuracy, Han Xian intelligence is better than fuzzy computer, fuzzy computer is better than integrated circuit.

(2) Machine use costs such as electricity and maintenance costs.

(3) The reliability circuit design should be reasonable and have perfect aging detection equipment; in addition, the whole machine should be aging test for a period of time after installation, and can only be used after being tested.

(4) After-sales service includes two aspects, one is the speed of service; the Other is the long-term nature of service. Manufacturers with large scale, good development momentum and long-term service should be selected as much as possible.

(5) The service life of the service life mainly depends on the material of the material, the thickness of the material used and the quality of the electrical components. In addition, the product type is also an aspect that should be paid special attention when selecting an incubator.

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