Succulents are sought after by white-collar workers

Succulents are sought after by white-collar workers Succulent plants have recently become popular among white-collar workers. I believe that anyone who looks at pictures of too many meat plants will love them. Unlike herbs and woody plants, succulent plants, because of their thick and full-grown leaves, exhibit different shapes and shapes, and red-blue and pink-green coats make them like natural carving crafts.

In fact, summing up the reasons for the popularity of succulents is nothing more than the following aspects:

One is the cute and lovely shape. The lovely shape of the "meat and flesh" plant is like a pink and pink child, and people can't help but lick it on their face.

The second is a wide variety of species. There are many kinds of succulents, and there are probably tens of thousands of species. Once fascinated with succulents, it will be an infinite world. No wonder some people complained: "Planking in the wonderful plant kingdom of 'flesh and flesh' is like entering a world full of magic, deep and inexhaustible."

The third is tenacious and tenacious vitality. There is no need for too much light, no need for too much space, no watering every day, no need of fertilization every year. Just give the "flesh and flesh" a bit of sunlight and a corner, and it will be bright and colorful. Succulent plants with such vitality are therefore considered to be lazy plants and are widely welcomed by busy urbanites.

The fourth is to enjoy DIY fun. Due to the small size and variety of succulents, many enthusiasts who are fascinated by "meat and meat" have become players of an ascendancy. They are passionate about the uniqueness of succulents and pursue more individual types and varieties. Designing their own style, they planted several different types of small “flesh” in a large pot; they cultivated new varieties and cultivated rare “flesh” prices as high as RMB 10,000.

With these kinds of fun, it takes a long time and it is very difficult for people to treat the "flesh and flesh" who have been cared for as merely a plant. Instead, they regard it as a part of life, a way to get close to nature, and daily working life. In addition to a kind of sustenance. In the bustling city life, people are under too much pressure, or they are falling into depression or sadness. At this time, several "natural" succulents are best able to disperse the accumulation of plutonium in their hearts.

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