Ways to improve the quality of broilers

1. Add natural colorants Many natural colorants contain high levels of oxidized carotenoid L and lutein. If added in the chicken feed, the skin and fat of the chicken can be golden or orange, thus improving the product grade. . Commonly used natural colorants and their added amount are: 5% wolfberry powder, pine needle powder 5%, locust leaf powder 5%, red pepper powder O.3%, marigold powder 0.3%, Calendula ^k powder 0.5%- 07%, dry orange powder 2% -5%, seaweed powder 2%, cow dung dry powder 1% -2%, shrimp powder 3%, silkworm sand 6% and so on. In addition, the synthetic oxidized Caroten L, Crab, Lemon|S and some antibiotics such as terramycin and chlortetracycline were added in the amount of chicken feed, which can also improve the color of chicken, fat and eggshell.

2. Adding flavoring agents Adding flavoring spices (such as cloves, ginger, sweet pepper, etc.) to the diet of broiler chickens will not only stimulate the appetite of the chicken, but also improve the quality of the chicken and make the chicken taste better. And can stay fresh for a long time. Because these spices have the dual effects of antisepsis and drugs, they can improve the quality of chicken meat, extend the shelf life, and seasonings are formulated as follows: 10 grams of green onions, garlic, 7 grams of dry yeast, 3 grams of ginger powder, allspice, and chili powder. MSG, salt 0.5 grams each. Add the flavoring agent to the feed at a ratio of 0.2%-0.5% of the diet 10-15 days before the slaughter and mix well. Feed 1 time each morning and evening.

Garlic powder is usually added to add garlic. Adding 2% of the diet will make the chicken more fragrant. Because it constitutes an important component of chicken flavor, it is relatively scarce in compound feeds and general feeds for chickens, but rich in garlic. After the chicken eats a diet mixed with garlic powder, it can eliminate the fish in the meat. , And no adverse effects on the growth of chickens. Add silage Add 15% silage in 80% of the daily compound feed, and add 57% of plant straw feed, make the meat flavor of the captive chicken the same as that of the natural chicken, and increase the circle Chicken disease resistance.

3, add rot-leaf farm chickens due to grazing grass, rot leaves, insects, cockroaches, yeast and sand, etc., intake is very rich in nutrients, which greatly improved the quality of chicken meat. In the chicken farm, the rot leaves on the soil surface of the vegetable garden or orchard are excavated, dried at room temperature, and then fed with chicken feed 70%-80% green feed 10%-20% leaf rot 50%-10% Formulation, feed the chicken after mixing, or mix according to 75% of chicken compound feed, 15% of forage grass feed, and 10% of leaf rot, and stir and mix well and then feed the chicken. Chickens fed this way have similar meat quality and taste to farm chickens. Eggs produced by layer chickens are also as good as those produced by farm chickens.


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