Autumn tonic "8 items of attention"

A bogey to avoid chaos. Disease-free and indiscriminate, not only increase expenses, but also harm themselves. Excessive use of cod liver oil can cause poisoning, long-term use of glucose can cause weight gain, increased blood cholesterol, easy to induce cardiovascular disease.

The two bogey are not separated. The principle of treatment of traditional Chinese medicine is to make up for the deficiency, not for patients with complications, it is not appropriate to use supplemental medicine, deficiency of yin deficiency, yang deficiency, qi deficiency, and deficiency of blood deficiency. Symptomically, medication can replenish the body, otherwise it will be counterproductive and will harm the body.

The third bogey more than good. Any overdose is harmful. It is unscientific to think that "taking more tonics, treating illnesses, and being disease-free." If excessive use of ginseng supplements can cause bloating, not eating; over-supply of vitamin C can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

Four bogey must fill the meat. Animal food is undoubtedly a good agent in supplements. It not only has high nutrition, but is also delicious. However, meat is not easily digested and absorbed. If you eat too much for a long time, it is often overwhelmed by the elderly who have lost gastrointestinal function, and some “byproducts” of meat during digestion, such as excessive lipids and carbohydrates. And other substances are often the cause of common diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and cancers and frequently-occurring diseases. A light diet is not unsatisfactory, especially vegetables can not be ignored. The modern nutrition theory holds that fresh fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and trace elements and are essential nutrients for the human body.

The five bogeys take medicine to replace food. Drug supplements are not as good as food supplements, and heavy drug foods are unscientific because many foods are also therapeutic drugs. Such as eating more leeks can treat high blood pressure; eat radish can Jianweixiaoshi, Shun Qi wide chest, phlegm and cough; eat yam can make up the spleen and stomach. Daily consumption of walnuts, peanuts, red dates, lentils, wolfberry, etc. are also tonic.

Six taboos "advance" light "out". Now many families are paralyzed every day, and their meals are greasy. The acidic poisonous substances produced after metabolism of these foods need to be discharged in time, and the accelerated pace of life has caused many people to have irregular bowel movements and even constipation. In recent years, health experts have proposed a new concept of “negative nutrition”, which emphasizes the discharge of human waste and reduces the retention and absorption of “intestinal poison”.

Seven bogey constant "supplement" unchanged. Some people like to use their own tastes for a certain type of supplement for years, which is not good for health. Because drugs and foods have both health care and certain side effects, Jiufu and more clothes will affect the nutritional balance of the body. Especially for the elderly, not only the function of various organs has been reduced to varying degrees, but also requires comprehensive systemic conditioning, and different seasons have different needs for health drugs and foods.

Eight bogey more expensive to make up. All diets have certain objects and indications. Medicinal diets should be determined according to their needs. They should not be divided into high and low levels according to their needs. In particular, the elderly group should be based on nourishing principles of practicality and low prices.


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