Some Chinese medicine prices

Melon winter melon seeds coincided with the new production, affected by the impact of new cargo, the market fell slightly, the supply of Quzhou origin is mostly unilateral, total asking price is about 3.5 yuan; bilateral goods are less, the market remains strong, the general price of the goods is strong Around 28 yuan.

Fenugreek Lubaizi had a large demand for goods in the market in the past two days, pushing the price up by 0.5 yuan from a week ago. Currently, the market has 6-6.5 yuan of domestically-manufactured goods, and imported goods are about 6 yuan. It has been a while since the end of the new production. Although the yield has been reduced, due to the increase in the area, the total output this year is still greater than last year, and it is estimated that the increase will be limited.

The silk flower flower was found in Shanglai City yesterday. Since this year's new stock market, there have been drug companies and drug companies purchasing the goods, resulting in a lack of stock in the market, so the price is steadily rising. The ECG price rose to 80 yuan, and the high-quality goods demanded 85 yuan. However, as a result, the shipment volume is limited, and the volatility in the latter period will still depend on the demand.

Burdock burdock burdock new goods in Sichuan area one after another should be due to the city, due to the past two days to the production area to increase the number of drug dealers, the market increased slightly, the current market price of the new system is up and down 29 yuan, the dry goods price of 30 yuan From top to bottom, since the Gansu producing areas have not yet reached the new season, and Chen’s cargo is still able to support the new season, the market should wait and see.

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