Introduction to the working principle of high efficiency mixer

Overview of high-efficiency mixers: no overheating on heat-sensitive materials; no crushing and grinding on granular materials; no delamination and segregation in the mixing of materials with different specific gravity and different particle sizes; Mixing of various granules, fibers or flake materials such as granules and ultrafine powders also has good adaptability. The granular solid matter with good fluidity is mainly mixed by the rotation of the container itself or by the action of the moving parts contained in the container, and is repeatedly tumbling and blending to be mixed. Such materials can also be convected or turbulent by the air flow to achieve mixing. . Convection or turbulence of solid particles is less prone to eddy currents, and the mixing speed is much lower than the mixing of liquids, and the degree of mixing generally only achieves random mixing.

Working principle of high-efficiency mixer: spindle speed 29~53r/min, flying knife 1440r/min, effectively disperse various fibers, mixing time is controlled within 3-5 minutes according to different fibers, mixing efficiency, uniformity ratio coulter The mixer is better, the uniformity can reach 1/10000; the unloading adopts the pneumatic large opening door (self-locking), the automatic unloading can be completed in 5 seconds; the flying knife is made of manganese steel; the chain transmission, the sprocket all Forging and rolling, it can be started under full load; the blades and flying blades can be worn and replaced, and there are both circular motion and axial motion, resulting in convection mixing, shear mixing and diffusion mixing. The high-speed rotary flying knife has a function of rapidly dispersing fibers, and the gas phase balance device makes the mixing more uniform. The combined blade structure greatly reduces maintenance costs. The large opening of the door reduces the mixing dead angle, and the unloading is more clean and quick.

Application of high-efficiency mixer: It is mainly used for uniform mixing of different proportions of dry or wet powdery materials in the pharmaceutical industry, and does not produce dissolution or volatilization of materials during mixing. It is also suitable for mixing different main and auxiliary materials in chemical, food and other industrial sectors. It is suitable for mixing semi-solids. The high-efficiency mixer is a complete machine base. The transmission system is running smoothly, the mixing slurry and the material contact are all made of stainless steel. Made of good corrosion resistance, can maintain the quality of the mixture, so that it does not pollute, does not change color. The transmission mechanism mainly adopts the pot wheel, the pot pole and the gear transmission. It has no excessive noise when used, and has sufficient oil storage capacity to get good lubrication and improve the service life of the machine. The electrical equipment is controlled and operated, and the operation is simple. The jog electric reversal is used to reduce the labor intensity of the operator.

Characteristics of high-efficiency mixer: The high-efficiency mixer adopts the reducer as the main transmission structure of the mixer. It is located on the right side of the machine. When working, the motor in the machine passes the V-belt drive worm and worm gear to reduce the speed by 1:40. Drive the mixer. The worm gear shaft is hollow and equipped with fixed keys, which can freely assemble and disassemble the stirring paddle. Two ring screws are mounted on the top of the reducer for assembly and disassembly and installation. The end cap is equipped with a screw for high-speed stirring paddle positioning, which has been adjusted at the factory, and generally does not need to be adjusted during use. The overall frame of the high-efficiency mixer has a firm structure and stable operation. The mixing paddle and material contact are made of stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance, keeps the quality and cleanness of the material, and does not cause discoloration.

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