Bundling machine operation essentials

1. The connection between the host and the baler. Limit arm to be connected properly, too loose to play the role of limit, turning around the bush, the limit arm is easy to wear the host's rear tire, swinging too much, it is also easy to cause damage to their parts, too tight, turning angle increases, It is also easy to destroy grasshoppers when the land is turned. 2. The rope does not fit. First, check if the rope is entangled due to quality problems. For example: the knot is too big, the hair is too big, and then check the density of the knot at the entrance of the rope (left side). If the density is not high enough, the friction between the rope and the wheat festival is not enough. Large, then you can let the left side of the baler grazing more to increase the friction at the entrance to the rope, prompting the rope to feed. 3. The bale is loosely adjustable. When the moisture level of the wheat section is relatively large, it is easy to pick up the bundles and adjust the low density holes. When the wheat section is relatively dry and fragile, it is not easy to pick up and feed, and the density of holes should be adjusted. You can also bundle wheat straw by adjusting the number of turns in the rope. Wheat straw, increase the number of laps, wheat straw wet, reduce the number of laps. 4. Adjustment of the number of rope loops. Transferred to the big wheel, the number of rope laps was more, 10 ropes; transferred to the small wheel, fewer laps, 7 ropes. 5. The length of the infeed rope is such that the end of the rope just touches the blade. 6. The reason why the protection screw is broken. When the bundling machine is full of wheat festivals, the alarm does not alarm, and the wheat section will be jammed at the entrance. If it continues to walk at this time, the protection screw will be broken. 7. The alarm port does not alarm. (1) The power supply is not connected, (2) The wire is disconnected, and (3) The circlip handle is out of the handle slot. 8. If the rope is broken, it may be because the blade is blunt and the blade should be replaced. 9. In the process of picking grass, the driving speed of the power machinery can be slightly accelerated, and when the small four-wheel drive is carried out, 2-speed gear is appropriate. 10. Equip with wearing parts. Protective screws and blades should be provided with the grass to avoid delays in man-hours. The simple operation of the baler: After the baler and the power machine are equipped, open the harvested wheat field and check that the power of the power machine is in good contact with the baler, and then start, pick up, bale, and hear the alarm. After the alarm, stop and increase the throttle so that the baler can quickly tying and tying the rope. After hearing the sound of the rope being cut off, forcefully retract the rope and lift the back cover of the baler to make the bale fall. After the discharge, we can pick up the next time and bale it.

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