Autumn and winter broodstock breeding

1. Fertilizer pool water. Before the winter, the broodstock pond should be fertilized. Normally, about 667 square meters (1 mu) of water is used per week to compost about 500 kilograms of manure and livestock manure (including 70% of the total amount of fertilized manure in the carp pond, which accounts for about 70% of total manure). 30%; squid pool is dominated by cow dung, 70% usage, 30% human feces, so that the water color deepens, in order to achieve the purpose of fertilizer and fish. After winter, it is also necessary to make a small amount of supplemental fertilization. The supplemental fertilization should follow the principle of “a small number of repeated supplements”. In addition, fertilization should be stopped before and after a thunderstorm in autumn or when the weather is hot and low in pressure so as not to cause brooding ponds.

2, reasonable feeding. In autumn, due to the decrease of water temperature, the ingestion intensity of grass carp gradually decreases, and the source of green material is relatively insufficient. Therefore, the main materials such as bean cake, wheat bran, and corn should be fed. At the same time, in order to promote broodstock feeding, fine and green feed should be fed separately. Normally, green feed should be given in the morning, and the feed amount should be 30%-50% of the broiler’s body weight. In the afternoon, concentrate should be fed and the feed amount should be 2% of the broiler’s weight. 3%. After entering the winter, the amount of concentrate feeding should be reduced. Generally, the feed should be fed every other day when the water temperature is high, and once every 3 days when the water temperature is low. Herring is mainly fed with quail and quail meat, supplemented with bean cake and other fine ingredients.

3, timely water injection. In autumn and winter, new water is injected every 15 to 20 days. The water injection time is 3-5 hours each time and the water level rises by about 20 cm. However, the water injection to the broodstock and broodstock ponds should be slightly less to ensure that the pool water has a certain degree of fatness.

4, timely treatment. The food field is generally sterilized once every 15-20 days. About 0.75 kilograms of bleaching powder is used per 667 square meters of water surface. At the same time, the food bait and food residues are regularly removed, and the fish pond is observed and found to be diagnosed and treated in time.

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