Chemical weeding in cotton field attention to these issues

Chemical weeding in cotton fields is often caused by improper use of herbicides, which leads to a reduction in weed control and even to cotton injury. Chemical weeding in cotton fields should pay attention to the following issues:

1, pay attention to choose the herbicide on the road. Trifluralin can be used for mixed soil type. Dill (metolachlor), Shitianbu (pentanol), or acetochlor can be used before seeding.

2, the amount of medication should be appropriate. The use of herbicides for chemical weed control should be strictly controlled, in particular, the amount of drugs should not be blindly increased to prevent the occurrence of phytotoxicity. Generally, 48% trifluralin EC is 120-150 ml per mu, 72% Doll is 100-200 ml per mu, or 33% Shitian is 200-300 ml per mu, and 50% acetochlor is 100-150 per mu. Ml. According to the recommended amount, a minimum amount of sandy soil cotton field can be used, and a high limit can be used for the clay ground cotton field.

3, add enough water. The control effect of herbicides on weeds is closely related to the amount of liquid used. Insufficient dosage will lead to the formation of non-uniform film or mixed soil, which will affect the weeding effect. Some farmers tend to labor intensively and labor-saving when spraying herbicides. One sprayer solution (15 kg) is used per mu of cotton field, causing uneven application and poor control efficiency. Generally, the amount of liquid used per acre should be controlled at 30-40 kg. When the soil is dry, the amount of water should be increased to ensure the control effect.

4, mixed soil should be uniform. In the case of trifluralin herbicides, the uneven application of pesticides by some farmers is more common. The depth of mixed soil does not reach 3 cm, which often results in the planting of long grass. Therefore, on the basis of 5 to 6 centimeters of shallow shrubs, herbicides should be sprayed and then deep-smashed for 2 to 3 times.

5, weeding under plastic film to reduce. The recommended amount of herbicide is the amount of cotton per acre. The area covered by the plastic film is only a part of the cotton field. If the recommended dosage is used, the cotton seedlings often cause injury and affect the growth of the cotton. The coverage of cotton fields generally accounts for about 50% of the area of ​​cotton fields, so the amount of herbicides should also be reduced by about 50%. Farmers should flexibly control the amount of pesticides according to the mulching area.

6, pay attention to scientific pesticide application. No matter what type of herbicides are used, they must be uniformly sprayed at one time so that they do not re-spray or leak. After the application of landfill herbicides, human and livestock should be prevented from trampling, destroying the pesticide film, and affecting the effect. Spraying trifluralin should be carried out 3 to 5 days before sowing, avoiding sowing immediately after spraying to avoid phytotoxicity. Trifluralin is easy to decompose when light is seen, and soil should be mixed immediately after application.

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