High-speed tablet press die mounting method

High speed tablet press die mounting method

1. Before the die device, first remove the dust-proof plate, hopper, powder feeder, semi-circular cover and other parts, and wipe the working surface of the turntable, the die hole and the installed die one by one, and prepare for it. Follow the steps below to install.
(1) Medium-mold device: Rotate the middle-molded fastening screws on the turntable one by one to the outer circle of the turntable. Do not let the middle mold fit into the head of the screw. The medium-mold device is very tight. Flat, the copper rod can be penetrated from the upper punching hole, and gently punched in with the hammer. After the middle mold enters the die hole, the plane cannot be higher than the plane of the turntable, and then the screw is fastened.
(2), the upper punching device: the tongue of the upper rail guide should be put on the notch, the vegetable oil should be applied to the tail of the punch, insert into the hole one by one, rotate the punch with the thumb and forefinger, check the head into the middle The mold is up and down and flexible, and no hard rubbing is required. After the lungs are installed, the tongue is pulled down.
(3), undershooting device: Pull the small door on the main body, and install it from the round hole of the main body. The loading method is the same as the upper punching. After the loading, the wafer must be flattened.
(4) After the complete set of the die, install the removed parts in the original position, continue to rotate the test wheel by hand, rotate the turntable 1-2 turns, observe the upper and lower punch into the middle die hole and act on the curved track guide. It must be flexible and non-touching and hard rubbing. Start the motor and make the empty car run for 2-3 minutes. It can be put into production smoothly and normally.

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